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Pregnancy and Childbirth News — ScienceDaily

Shielding Against COVID-19 Likely Reduced Exposure for Pregnant Individuals in Early Pandemic, Study Finds

Individuals who were already pregnant at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic had a 50 percent lower exposure to SARS-CoV-2 compared with those who became pregnant after the pandemic began and the …

Working in Extreme Heat Puts Strain on Fetus

The fetuses of women working in the fields in extreme heat can show signs of strain before their mothers are affected, new research has …

Pregnant Moms’ Stress May Accelerate Cell Aging of White, Not Black, Kids, Study Finds

Does stress during pregnancy impact children’s cell aging, and does race matter? The answer is yes, according to a new …

Prenatal Wellness Classes Cut Moms’ Depression in Half Up to Eight Years Later

A low-cost, prenatal intervention benefits mothers’ mental health up to eight years later, a new study …

Zika-Exposed Children May Display Neurodevelopmental Differences, Study Finds

Children who are exposed to the Zika virus while in the womb, but who are not subsequently diagnosed with Zika-related birth defects and congenital Zika syndrome (CZS), may still display differences …

Paxlovid Can Safely Be Used to Reduce Risk of Severe COVID in People Who Are Pregnant, Study Shows

Findings from a new study provide strong evidence that people who are pregnant and have been infected with SARS-CoV-2 (the virus that causes COVID-19) can safely take the antiviral drug Paxlovid to …

Pregnant Women’s Cannabis Usage in Legalized U.S. States Raises Calls for Screening

Pregnant women living in U.S. states where cannabis is legal must be screened for the drug, for the health of both mother and baby, claim scientists who in a new national study have found that they …

Speeding Up Treatment for Pregnancy-Related Hypertension

An initiative improves the timeliness of treatment for women with severe pregnancy-related hypertension, one of the leading causes of pregnancy-related …

Scale of Impact of Maternal Zika Virus Infection on Offspring in Early Life

New research finds that approximately one third of children born to mothers infected with Zika virus while pregnant presented with abnormalities consistent with Congenital Zika Syndrome in the first …

Mom’s Dietary Fat Rewires Male and Female Brains Differently

New findings in mice show that excessive weight gain while pregnant tips the scales for male but not female mice to be more depressed in adulthood due to less brain serotonin. A similar result was …

Chemotherapy Could Increase Disease Susceptibility in Future Generations

A common chemotherapy drug could carry a toxic inheritance for children and grandchildren of adolescent cancer survivors, new research indicates. The study found that male rats who received the drug …

Birth Choices After Previous Cesarean and Risk of Pelvic Floor Surgery

Vaginal birth after a previous cesarean section is associated with an increased risk of pelvic floor surgery compared with planning another cesarean, according to a new study. The findings provide …

Challenging Guidelines on Pregnancy Interval Following Miscarriage or Abortion

Conception within three months of a miscarriage or an abortion is not associated with increased risks of adverse pregnancy outcomes, according to new research. The study suggests that, contrary to …

Drinking During Pregnancy Changes Baby’s Brain Structure

A new MRI study revealed that consumption of alcohol even in low to moderate amounts during pregnancy can change the baby’s brain structure and delay brain …

Researchers Move Closer to Better Care for Life-Threatening Pregnancy Condition

Scientists have produced a proof of concept for a new and better way of caring for women facing the life-threatening situation of ectopic pregnancy, which occurs when a fertilized egg implants …

Brain Organoids Reveal in Detail the Harms of Prenatal Alcohol Exposure

No amount of alcohol consumption is safe for a developing fetus. A new study presents in molecular detail how alcohol harms growth and functioning of developing brain …

Unusual Type of Antibody Shows Ultrapotent Activity Against Zika

An unusual type of antibody that even at miniscule levels neutralizes the Zika virus and renders the virus infection undetectable in preclinical models has been …

Significant Decline in Sperm Counts Globally, Including Latin America, Asia and Africa, Follow-Up Study Shows

Data from 53 countries shows that men in those regions share the significant decline in total sperm counts (TSC) and sperm concentration (SC) seen previously in North America, Europe and Australia. …

Scientists Find New Variations Among Sperm Cells

The behavior of sperm cells is due, in part, to the individual DNA make-up of these cells, rather than only to the genetics of males. The results, which provide a new understanding of the competition …

Limited Postpartum Follow-Up May Miss High Blood Pressure in 1 in 10 New Moms

An analysis of more than 2,400 women who did not have high blood pressure while pregnant found that about 1 in 10 were diagnosed with high blood pressure in the year after childbirth. Almost a …

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Source link New advances in prenatal care and childbirth allow parents to feel more hopeful and secure in the birthing process. Pregnancy and Childbirth news are making headlines and it is an increasingly important topic that deserves to be monitored. ScienceDaily has a section dedicated to the most recent findings in this subject, enabling readers to stay up to date on the newest developments.

Recent news in this field include the development of fast-tracking premature birth treatments, a breathable device that reduces the risk of stillbirth in high-risk infants, and a study on the success rate of epidural anesthesia in childbirth.

Premature babies often need to be monitored in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) for various types of treatments, such as respiratory and gastrointestinal support. However, a fast-tracking program may be able to reduce the time spent in the NICU for premature babies. This system is designed to help parents and clinicians better prepare for delivery and to increase the chances of the baby leaving the NICU sooner.

A recent development that could prevent stillbirth in high-risk infants is a breathable device. This technology uses gentle suctioning to direct fresh air into the baby’s lungs and helps to reduce infant mortality rates.

Finally, a study is underway to investigate the effectiveness of epidural anesthesia in childbirth. Epidurals are commonly used during labor and delivery and can reduce the experience of pain during contractions. However, there are serious risks that must be understood and the research results could provide insights into how safe and effective the practice is in childbirth.

These are just a few of the topics discussed in the Pregnancy and Childbirth section of ScienceDaily. This page is dedicated to providing the latest information about advances, research, and news related to this subject. Whether you are a parent-to-be or a medical professional, staying informed and aware of the latest news can be an important part of preparing for a successful birth experience.

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