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Quantum Physics News — ScienceDaily

Shedding Light on Quantum Photonics

As buzz grows ever louder over the future of quantum, researchers everywhere are working overtime to discover how best to unlock the promise of super-positioned, entangled, tunneling or otherwise …

New Type of Entanglement Lets Scientists ‘See’ Inside Nuclei

Nuclear physicists have found a new way to use the Relativistic Heavy Ion Collider (RHIC) to see the shape and details inside atomic nuclei. The method relies on particles of light that surround gold …

Strengthening Electron-Triggered Light Emission

Researchers have found a way to create much stronger interactions between photons and electrons, in the process producing a hundredfold increase in the emission of light from a phenomenon called …

Researchers Show a New Way to Induce Useful Defects Using Invisible Material Properties

Much of modern electronic and computing technology is based on one idea: add chemical impurities, or defects, to semiconductors to change their ability to conduct electricity. These altered materials …

At the Edge of Graphene-Based Electronics

Researchers developed a new graphene-based nanoelectronics platform compatible with conventional microelectronics manufacturing, paving the way for a successor to …

Chaos Gives the Quantum World a Temperature

Two seemingly different areas of physics are related in subtle ways: Quantum theory and thermodynamics. How can the laws of thermodynamics arise from the laws of quantum physics? This question has …

Quantum Dots at Room Temp, Using Lab-Designed Protein

Quantum dots are normally made in industrial settings with high temperatures and toxic, expensive solvents — a process that is neither economical nor environmentally friendly. But researchers have …

Particles of Light May Create Fluid Flow, Data-Theory Comparison Suggests

A new computational analysis supports the idea that photons (a.k.a. particles of light) colliding with heavy ions can create a fluid of ‘strongly interacting’ particles. In a new paper, …

A Peculiar Protected Structure Links Viking Knots With Quantum Vortices

Mathematical analysis identifies a vortex structure that is impervious to …

Curved Spacetime in the Lab

In a laboratory experiment, researchers have succeeded in realizing an effective spacetime that can be manipulated. In their research on ultracold quantum gases, they were able to simulate an entire …

New Quantum Dots Study Uncovers Implications for Biological Imaging

Researchers report the synthesis of semiconductor ‘giant’ core-shell quantum dots with record-breaking emissive lifetimes. In addition, the lifetimes can be tuned by making a simple …

New Instrument Measures Supercurrent Flow, Data Has Applications in Quantum Computing

An extreme-scale nanoscope is beginning to collect data about how pulses of light at trillions of cycles per second can control supercurrents in materials. The instrument could one day help optimize …

Quantum Algorithm of the Direct Calculation of Energy Derivatives Developed for Molecular Geometry Optimization

Researchers have successfully extended the quantum phase difference estimation algorithm, a general quantum algorithm for the direct calculations of energy gaps, to enable the direct calculation of …

Changing the Color of Quantum Light on an Integrated Chip

Recently, researchers have developed an integrated electro-optic modulator that can efficiently change the frequency and bandwidth of single photons. The device could be used for more advanced …

An Exotic Interplay of Electrons

Water that simply will not freeze, no matter how cold it gets — a research group has discovered a quantum state that could be described in this way. Experts have managed to cool a special material …

Researchers Solve 20-Year-Old Optical Light Mystery

It was believed that it was impossible to differentiate the enantiomers of a chiral molecule using helical light beams — until now that is. Researchers have now developed a new chiroptical technique …

Physicists Observe Wormhole Dynamics Using a Quantum Computer

Scientists have developed a quantum experiment that allows them to study the dynamics, or behavior, of a special kind of theoretical …

Pulses Driven by Artificial Intelligence Tame Quantum Systems

Machine learning drives self-discovery of pulses that stabilize quantum systems in the face of environmental …

More Control Over Plasma Accelerators

If one particle accelerator alone is not enough to achieve the desired result, why not combine two accelerators? Physicists have now implemented this idea. They combined two plasma-based acceleration …

Engineers Use Quantum Computing to Develop Transparent Window Coating That Blocks Heat, Saves Energy

Scientists have devised a transparent coating for windows that could help cool the room, use no energy and preserve the …

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Source link Quantum physics, the study of the behavior of matter and energy at the nanoscopic scale, is a rapidly evolving field of research that has been advancing in leaps and bounds in recent years. Today, ScienceDaily is proud to announce the launch of its new Quantum Physics News portal, designed to keep curious readers up to date with the latest discoveries, theories, and exciting advancements in the field.

This Quantum Physics News portal will provide readers with in-depth coverage of the latest developments in the field. They can stay informed on the discoveries researchers have made on substances such as graphene, which has unique properties at the quantum level, as well as insights into the kinds of technologies that are being developed with the help of quantum physics. The portal will also keep readers up to date with the often surprising theoretical advancements, such as string theory, that are driving the field forward.

What’s more, the Quantum Physics News portal will also include interviews with experts in the field and feature stories about the professionals that are making the field advance. By providing an insight into some of the minds that are behind the progress, the portal can help readers gain fresh perspectives on the work being done and the potential applications it may one day yield.

Finally, by following the Quantum Physics News portal, readers will be able to stay up to date on important policy and regulatory decisions, such as funding opportunities and the governmental regulation of quantum research. This can help readers to understand how the field can grow and how it can be used to create new opportunities in industry and research.

Whether you’re a researcher looking to stay ahead of the curve, or just interested in the exciting, new discoveries being made in the field of quantum physics, the Quantum Physics News portal from ScienceDaily has everything you need to stay informed.

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