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Red Rose | Site officiel de Netflix

Une bande hétéroclite d’ados doit survivre à un été de terreur après avoir téléchargé une appli qui fait de dangereuses demandes… aux conséquences mortelles.

Source link The Red Rose, the highly anticipated new series from Netflix is now available on the streaming service. Set in the small town of Oak Hill, Red Rose follows the story of five college friends who are brought together by tragedy and their shared desire to seek justice.

The new show stars relative newcomers Sienna Isabella and Thomas Degroot, as well as veteran actors Seth Carrey and Brendan Sheheen, and is a gripping story that has already captured the attention of millions of viewers as they follow the storyline as it unravels.

Described as a “noir drama with a modern twist”, the series follows the friends as they work together to uncover the truth of a terrible incident from the past that is somehow intertwined with what is going on today. Across its six episodes, the series explores difficult topics like prejudice and corruption, and how the characters tackle the issues that arise in what is a modern day mystery.

The series was co-created by Luke Wilson and Glenn Walker and is a part of the streaming service’s increasingly popular slate of original content. With its relatable characters and gritty story arc, Red Rose is expected to be one of the streaming service’s most talked about new projects.

The entire series is now available on the official Netflix site, allowing viewers the chance to immerse themselves into the world of Red Rose and become part of the story.

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