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Why Technology Alone Can’t Solve the Digital Divide

For some communities, the digital divide remains even after they have access to computers and fast internet, new research shows. A study of the Bhutanese refugee community in Columbus found that even …

Adult Children More Likely to Be Estranged from Dad Than Mom, Study Shows

Adult children are over four times more likely to be estranged from their fathers than their mothers, a new long-term national study …

Inhibiting Imitation of Others Can Increase Understanding of Others, Study Finds

Training individuals to inhibit imitation of others increases empathy and allows them to recognize facial expressions in others regardless of their situations, according to new …

Social Group Values Are Most Readable in the Way We Write, New Research Finds

Analyzing the style of language used by social groups could offer insight into their values and principles that goes beyond what they publicly say about …

Social Media Engagement Style May Be Linked With Perceived Social Connectedness

A new experimental task, involving a mock social networking site, can group people into three distinct styles of social media use: passive, reactive and interactive. Moreover, data from a large …

Moral Behavior Pays Off

Coupling two approaches of game theory can shed light on how moral norms …

Research Points to Positive Mental Health Outcomes for Young People Who Have Attended University

University attendance appears to produce better mental health outcomes for young people, according to new research. The study also suggests that a university environment has a positive influence on …

Disconnection, Not Teens’ Screen Time, Is the Problem, Research Suggests

A new study compares the self-esteem and social activities of teens with no or poor home Internet access to teens who are the heaviest users of screens as well as teens with parents who tightly …

Teens With COVID-19 Knowledge Reported Better Well-Being

A pandemic survey found that adolescents who answered more COVID-19 test questions correctly also reported lower stress, anxiety and depression as well as lower loneliness and fear of missing out, …

How Does Social Behavior Lead to Clusters of Vaccine Hesitancy?

Geographical pockets of vaccination behavior can be attributed to both pre-existing socio-demographic clusters as well as the way vaccine hesitancy spreads through neighboring societies, according to …

COVID Face Masks Don’t Impair Most Social Interaction, Study Suggests

A new study debunks the idea that wearing a mask to slow the spread of disease damages most everyday social …

Positive Neighbor Involvement Important If Teens Don’t Develop Mother-Child Bond

Teens who live in neighborhoods with trusted, engaged adults can still develop critical social skills that were not nurtured early in life, according to a new …

What Makes Us Share Posts on Social Media?

What makes people share posts on social media? A new study reveals that we share the social media posts we think are most relevant to ourselves or to our friends and …

Which Teens Are More Likely to Vape? Research Shows Surprising Patterns Across Race and Sexuality Groups

A new study aims to examine differences in current e-cigarette use prevalence among U.S. youth at the intersections of sexual orientation with race and …

Testosterone Promotes ‘Cuddling,’ Not Just Aggression, Animal Study Finds

Testosterone can foster friendly, prosocial behavior in males, a new animal study finds. The work also revealed how testosterone influences the neural activity of oxytocin cells — the so-called …

Which Leisure Activities Are Linked to Lower Risk of Dementia?

Leisure activities, such as reading a book, doing yoga and spending time with family and friends, may help lower the risk of dementia, according to a new meta-analysis. The meta-analysis reviewed …

Social Isolation and Loneliness Increase the Risk of Death from Heart Attack, Stroke

Social isolation and loneliness are prevalent in the U.S., and they have harmful effects on heart and brain health. Older adults and people in socially vulnerable groups, such as individuals from …

Our Social Interactions Begin at a Young Age

Children demonstrate early in life social skills and a strong desire to interact with their peers. They engage in social interactions more often than our closest relatives, the great apes, a new …

Social Development of Infants Unaffected by COVID-19 Pandemic

Health issues and loss, social isolation and mental health problems — the pandemic has had a drastic effect on our society. But how have the youngest members of society been coping with these …

Facial Similarity Influences Perceptions of Trustworthiness for Same-Sex Interactions

Researchers found that when viewing photos of strangers, ratings of trustworthiness were correlated with facial similarity as calculated by an artificial neural network. However, facial similarity …

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Source link As the digital age progresses, relationships news, both romantic and platonic, has become an increasingly important topic of discussion particularly among young adults. Recent advances in technology have in fact had a great effect on the development of relationships and how people interact with each other. As such, ScienceDaily has taken the initiative to keep readers up-to-date on the latest relationships news.

With the growing popularity of social media, there is greater potential for people to connect in meaningful ways with their peers from all over the world. ScienceDaily has identified the potential for such connectivity and as such, has composed a number of articles and stories that provide readers with valuable insight into the changing dynamics of modern relationships.

For instance, a recent news article on the website discussed the impact that technology is having on young adult relationships. The article discussed numerous studies and investigations into the effects of technology on the development of romantic relationships and how couples are communicating in different ways than before. In particular, the article looked at how social media and other mobile technologies are beginning to play an ever-growing role in how people interact with each other.

Also included in ScienceDaily’s collection of relationships news are stories about how same-sex relationships are developing, as well as what platonic and romantic relationships look like in various cultures. Furthermore, the website also offers advice and guidance on how to communicate effectively in any kind of relationship, as well as provide readers with general information on how certain components may affect the connection between two individuals.

ScienceDaily provides valuable insight into the latest relationships news and continually updates its archive with the newest articles. The website enlightens readers and provides a great way for those with a concern for relationships to obtain useful information quickly and easily.

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