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RHOSLC’s Heather Gay Finally Comes Clean About Her Black Eye – E! Online

And if Jen did do it, Heather revealed that she “would cover it up,” as not to impact Jen’s federal fraud case. Jen was sentenced to six-and-a-half years in prison on Jan. 6 after pleading guilty to conspiracy to commit wire fraud and money laundering charges in July 2022.

RHOSLC friend-of Angie Katsanevas added to the suspicion by noting that Jen was “very off and not present the next day,” continuing, “And then, when production asked Heather at the Greek dinner, ‘What happened to your eye?’ Jen looked at her quietly and said, ‘What are you gonna say happened?'”

As Andy reminded the group, Angie also speculated at Heather’s season finale book cover reveal party that Jen gave Heather a black eye while doing “Barbie scissor kicks” in her hotel room.

“I was talking to some people,” Angie explained, “and they said, ‘Have you ever heard of any sexual relations between Heather and Jen?'”

Source link On Thursday, the stars of Bravo’s hit show Real Housewives of Salt Lake City dropped a bombshell on social media when Heather Gay finally came clean about the mystery of her black eye.

In October, fans of the show began to discuss Gay’s black eye, with some speculating that it was the result of the ongoing feud with her fellow Housewife Jen Shah. Gay has now set the record straight and admitted that the black eye was actually caused by an accident in her own home.

On Instagram, Gay wrote that she had accidentally tripped over a suitcase that was laying on the ground and hurt her face. She went on to explain that she sustained a black eye, a laceration, and multiple bruises from the accident. Gay also opened up about the experience and admitted that it has been difficult for her to deal with the aftermath of the incident.

Despite the fact that the entire incident was an accident, Gay also used it as an opportunity to stand in solidarity with victims of domestic violence. In her Instagram post, Gay wrote, “I feel compelled to use this platform to stand in solidarity with survivors of domestic violence, who didn’t have the choice that I had to come forward and share my story.” Gay’s post included a link to a non-profit organization that helps domestic violence victims.

The black eye incident is yet another example of how Gay is using her platform to make a difference. She is proving once again that she is not just a reality show star, but a powerful advocate for those who need help and understanding.

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