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RHOSLC's Heather Gay Finally Comes Clean About Her Black Eye Mystery

Heather Gay reveals the true story behind her mysterious black eye on “The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City” season three reunion! Watch!

Source link Just a few weeks ago in Season 2 of the Real Housewives of Salt Lake City (RHOSLC), Heather Gay caused quite the stir when a close-up of her face acknowledged a mysterious black eye. After months of speculation, Heather is finally coming clean about the cause of her black eye mystery: an ATV accident.

Viewers of the show were flabbergasted when they discovered in the season premiere that Heather had a black eye. She gave little to no explanation as to how she got it and the rest of the cast teased her about it, asking her to tell them the story. Instead of giving them the full details of what happened, Heather skated around the topic and instead blamed her children for her injury.

Heather admits that she did not have an ATV accident per se, but rather an ATV malfunction. Heather was on an ATV, with her husband at the time of the accident, doing some off-road racing. She says that the ATV gave out on them and tipped over, causing Heather to fall and injure her eye.

Heather says that she was hesitant to speak about the accident because she didn’t want to encourage her viewers to partake in dangerous activities and take the same risks she did.

Now that she has finally come clean about the accident, Heather is urging everyone to be cautious when participating in risky activities and to always ensure that they are wearing the right safety gear. It is clear that Heather has learned first-hand how quickly things can go wrong, and is using this experience as a way to educate others.

Hopefully this news will ease the minds of RHOSLC viewers that had been wondering what exactly happened to Heather. That injury won’t be a mystery anymore!

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