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New Winged Robot Can Land Like a Bird

Researchers have developed a method that allows a flapping-wing robot to land autonomously on a horizontal perch using a claw-like mechanism. The innovation could significantly expand the scope of …

Researchers Develop Wireless, Ultrathin ‘Skin VR’ to Provide a Vivid, ‘Personalized’ Touch Experience in the Virtual World

Enhancing the virtual experience with the touch sensation has become a hot topic, but today’s haptic devices remain typically bulky and tangled with wires. Researchers have now developed an …

New Robot Does ‘the Worm’ When Temperature Changes

A new gelatinous robot that crawls, powered by nothing more than temperature change and clever design, brings ‘a kind of intelligence’ to the field of soft …

Molecular Shape-Shifting

Structures made out of building blocks can shift their shape and autonomously self-organize to a new configuration. The physicists revealed this mechanism which may be used to actively manipulate …

Model Shows How Intelligent-Like Behavior Can Emerge from Non-Living Agents

A new model describes how biological or technical systems form complex structures equipped with signal-processing capabilities that allow the systems to respond to stimulus and perform functional …

Bolstering the Safety of Self-Driving Cars With a Deep Learning-Based Object Detection System

Self-driving cars need to implement efficient, effective, and accurate detection systems to provide a safe and reliable experience to its users. To this end, an international research team has now …

Soft Robot Detects Damage, Heals Itself

Engineers have created a soft robot capable of detecting when and where it was damaged — and then healing itself on the …

Researchers Use Ultrasound Waves to Move Objects Hands-Free

Researchers have discovered a new method to move objects using ultrasound waves, opening the door for using contactless manipulation in industries such as robotics and …

Checking Blood Pressure in a Heartbeat, Using Artificial Intelligence and a Camera

Engineers have designed a system to remotely measure blood pressure by filming a person’s forehead and extracting cardiac signals using artificial intelligence …

Pulses Driven by Artificial Intelligence Tame Quantum Systems

Machine learning drives self-discovery of pulses that stabilize quantum systems in the face of environmental …

Swimming Habits of Gelatinous Animals Are Inspiring Underwater Vehicle Design

Multi-jet propulsion lets a jellyfish-like marine animal switch between speed and …

Making ‘Transport’ Robots Smarter

Imagine a team of humans and robots working together to process online orders — real-life workers strategically positioned among their automated coworkers who are moving intelligently back and forth …

New Programming Tool Turns Sketches, Handwriting Into Code

Researchers have created an interface that allows users to handwrite and sketch within computer code — a challenge to conventional coding, which typically relies on …

A Life-Inspired System Dynamically Adjusts to Its Environment

The system regulates its own temperature in response to environmental …

A Far-Sighted Approach to Machine Learning

A new technique enables artificial intelligence agents to think much farther into the future when considering how their behaviors can influence the behaviors of other AI agents, toward the completion …

Teaching Photonic Chips to ‘Learn’

A multi-institution research team has developed an optical chip that can train machine learning …

Self-Organization: What Robotics Can Learn from Amoebae

Researchers have developed a new model to describe how biological or technical systems form complex structures without external …

Fruit Flies Use Corrective Movements to Maintain Stability After Injury

Fruit flies can quickly compensate for catastrophic wing injuries, researchers found, maintaining the same stability after losing up to 40% of a wing. This finding could inform the design of …

‘Butterfly Bot’ Is Fastest Swimming Soft Robot Yet

Inspired by the biomechanics of the manta ray, researchers have developed an energy-efficient soft robot that can swim more than four times faster than previous swimming soft robots. The robots are …

Shock to the System: Using Electricity to Find Materials That Can ‘Learn’

Researchers used electrical pulses to watch nickel oxide undergo two responses, habituation and sensitization, bolstering the case for brain-inspired …

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Source link Robotics research is always an exciting and rapidly advancing field, and ScienceDaily is one of the best places to stay informed about recent breakthroughs and advancements.

In the area of robotics research, ScienceDaily brings together the latest news from a variety of sources. Whether it’s the latest on robotics developments from around the world, revolutionary breakthroughs from renowned labs, or upcoming commercial applications, ScienceDaily provides detailed news and insights into the ever-changing world of robotics.

For those interested in keeping apprised of the very latest in robotics technology, ScienceDaily provides regularly updated news articles on the most recent developments in the field. Primarily composed of reports from a variety of universities and laboratories, ScienceDaily’s reports on robotics often boast of new advancements and applications, and new technologies being developed. For example, recent updates include new humanoid robot designs, breakthroughs related to AI, as well as developments in space robotics.

Furthermore, ScienceDaily also offers an ever-growing library of insightful articles and reports on the history of robotics and its relatively short but important evolution over the years. By providing in-depth looks at the evolution of robotics and its implications for industry and society, readers can gain insights into where robotics is headed in the near future, and how the technology will shape our world and how we live in it.

In sum, ScienceDaily is the go-to source for all your robotics research needs. With regular, up-to-date news from universities and laboratories, as well as a wealth of in-depth articles, everyone from scientists, businesspeople, and curious viewers alike can all keep informed about the seemingly-endless possibilities offered by the field of robotics.

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