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Sarah Jessica Parker’s Aging Advice Will Influence Your Beauty Outlook

“At times I have the impression that others may be more concerned about my appearance, which is rather strange,” the 57-year-old shared. “Like the fact that I have wrinkles or white hair… One day I was sitting next to a very close friend, a woman younger than me. I wasn’t wearing any make-up, my hair was pulled back in a bun, with some grey hair, and it caused quite a fuss.”

But instead of feeding into the noise, Sarah posed an important question.

“I think there are more interesting things to do with my time, don’t you?” she added. “I just really can’t be the person that others expect me to be.”

And if the actress’ outlook on aging wasn’t inspiring enough, she also opened up about the lessons she’s learned as she’s gotten older.

“I can’t say I feel better in my body, I used to be able to spend two hours on a set, and my knees and feet wouldn’t hurt,” Sarah stated. “But in my head, I absolutely feel 100% better.”

Source link Recently, Sarah Jessica Parker, the iconic Hollywood actress and fashionista, shared her tips for aging gracefully on the Late Show with Stephen Colbert. Far from being disheartened by her age, Parker embraces her beauty as she ages, noting that her outlook on the natural process of getting older is far from negative. In her quippy, clever responses to Colbert’s questions, Parker graciously shared her insights and made sure to include a few bits of humor.

The key to Parker’s advice for aging gracefully is that it’s important to “practice maintenance,” she insisted. “It’s okay to stop, look back at yourself, and see what you can do to make yourself feel better.” As she says, “a little tuck here, a little tuck there – it’s okay!” That being said, the most important part of “maintenance” is the emotional, social and spiritual aspects of life which can be key to aging gracefully. Parker said, “I find that living a real life means exercising, keeping busy and pursuing interests and presenting things that I like. And I still have plenty of things I want to do.”

Parker also opened up about her relationship with beauty and the stigma attached to aging. She embraced the idea of aging being part of the natural process of life, highlighting the importance of confidence and self-love regardless of age. “There’s so much of beauty in the ageing process,” she said. “We’re just here with this fantastic assignment, and part of it is enjoying growing older and taking it in stride.”

Sarah Jessica Parker’s outlook on aging comes at a time when society places high value on ageless beauty. From a societal perspective, Parker’s words of wisdom are a breath of fresh air and are a much-needed reminder to embrace the beauty of the aging process. Her advice to practice maintenance and to acknowledge the beauty of aging demonstrates that has a more positive outlook on the natural process of growing older and is a great source of inspiration for those who may be struggling to accept their age.

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