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Savannah Chrisley Gives Update on Parents Todd and Julie’s Prison Life – E! Online

ln the email, Todd also wrote, “Please tell my Chloe how much I love her, and always remind Grayson that he is my heart and soul.”

As for how Julie has been handling prison life so far? “She’s honestly doing really well,” Savannah explained. “It sounds crazy for me to say, ‘Alright, they’re doing really well,’ but they are. My mom, she’s made friends, she’s keeping busy, she’s going to church, she’s working, she’s playing some spades.”

And while her parents’ situation has made things tough for the star—especially when it comes to looking after Grayson and Chloe—Savannah said it helped her discover her new purpose.

“My mission is going to be to bring awareness to how broken our prison system is, how we have a system that does not encourage rehabilitation,” she stated. “It does not encourage growth, it doesn’t encourage forgiveness, it just encourages, really, beating someone down further than they already are, and that’s really, really sad.”

Source link Reality TV stars Todd and Julie Chrisley, of the popular USA Network show “Chrisley Knows Best,” recently spent time in prison for tax evasion. Their daughter, Savannah Chrisley, recently gave an update on their status and how they are doing in prison.

In October of 2019, Todd and Julie Chrisley were sentenced to prison for five years after they were indicted on a twelve-count federal indictment on charges of tax evasion, conspiracy, bank fraud and wire fraud. Since then, they have been in and out of prison.

Recently, their daughter, Savannah Chrisley, gave an update on their prison life. In an Instagram Live chat, she said that her father and mother are doing “as well as can be expected.” She went on to add that she talks to them every day and that she and her siblings are trying to keep their spirits up.

Savannah also spoke about how her father and mother have been adjusting to prison life. She said that they are able to have visitors once a week and that they are able to call her every day. She noted that they have been able to keep in touch with their church and Pastor too, which has been helpful.

Savannah also spoke about how their time in prison has been a “huge eye opener” for her and her family. She acknowledged that prison can be a difficult place, but that her dad and mom are both making the best of the situation. She noted that they have both become more “humble and appreciative” since entering prison.

It has been a difficult time for the Chrisley family, but it is encouraging to hear that Todd and Julie are doing well. Hopefully their time in prison will be over soon.

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