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See Josh Flagg & Ex-Husband’s Shocking Fight in MDLLA Trailer

Relationships, old and new, can be messy.

That’s certainly the case for Million Dollar Listing Los AngelesJosh Flagg, as the Bravo series’ season 14 midseason trailer—released Jan. 26—teases tension with both the realtor’s ex-husband Bobby Boyd and his new boyfriend Andrew Beyer.

And it’s real estate that’s bringing Josh and his ex back together in the preview, as Josh tells Tracy Tutor about an open house he and his “soon-to-be ex-husband” co-listed together. The former couple called it quits after five years of marriage in March 2022.

Tensions between the two are high at the open house, as Josh calls Bobby “f–king nuts,” to which Bobby responds, “You’re too successful to be this petty.”

As if Josh’s strained relationship with Bobby wasn’t stressful enough, he’s bringing Andrew along on a trip to Las Vegas to get to know his co-workers—including Josh Altman and his wife Heather Altman—while checking out the property for the agency’s new “The Hollywood Hills of Las Vegas” development.

Source link It’s time to catch up with the stars of Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles in the newest installment of the reality TV series, and fans are taken aback by the drama that awaits. In the latest trailer for MDLLA, viewers get a glimpse of Josh Flagg´s shocking altercation with his ex-husband, Bobby Boyd.

After being married since April 2014, the two of them ultimately divorced in 2017. Yet, the post-marriage tensions evidently reach boiling point in the upcoming MDLLA season. It all comes to a head in a scene from the new trailer when Josh charms his way into Bobby’s house, an action that does not seem to go down well with his ex-partner.

The trailer reveals a full exchange between both parties. From Bobby’s side, he shouts “You don’t belong here!” as Josh attempts to explain that he’s come to get his stuff that he had been left behind at Bobby’s pad. It’s hard to see what actually led to this tension in the first place, but things naturally get even more heated when Bobby pushes Josh’s hand away from entering the house.

A lot of viewers expected this altercation to be verbal in nature, but the two ex-partners actually come to physical blows, making for an interesting view. Things get really awkward when both men realize the reality of the situation and part ways, shocked at their own behavior on camera.

This incident is sure to make for an interesting MDLLA season and although it may not be the most pleasant scene to watch, fans of the show will be able to get their fill; a reminder that their beloved reality stars are still here and they’re still figuring out their differing post-marriage dynamics.

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