See Southern Charm’s Madison LeCroy Channel Kim Kardashian

So, what is Madison’s take on this? In a video posted to her Instagram Stories on Jan. 26, the 32-year-old clarified that it wasn’t her intention to look like someone else.

“I keep getting messages that I look like Dorit or why am I trying to look like Dorit,” she began. “I didn’t do that.”

While she noted that Dorit is “gorgeous” and that she takes the comparisons as a compliment, “It’s not like I went to my plastic surgeon and said, ‘Hey, help me look like this.'”

Madison added, “I’m not trying to look like anybody but me.”

Source link Recently, Southern Charm reality TV star Madison LeCroy has been seen stepping out in stunning looks that are reminiscent of none other than Kim Kardashian. Whether she’s wearing a classic white dress and a sleek black bob, or sporting a leopard print number and signature long blonde hair, LeCroy is channeling Kardashian’s style right down to the last detail.

The reality star first appeared looking the part of Kim K when she attended the Bravo and E! Upfront event. Carrying a classic Yves Saint Laurent handbag, LeCroy looked both chic and modern. This was followed by a jaw-dropping show of sex appeal while attending Vanderpump Rules star Kristen Doute’s birthday dinner party. Stepping out in a leopard print midi dress, LeCroy pulled out all the stops and captured a Kardashian-esque look. Not to be outdone, LeCroy emerged again in all white and a serious black bob. The star wore a white bodycon dress and Yves Saint Laurent black heels for the glamorous dinner party.

Whether it’s intentional or just a coincidence, LeCroy is ditching the Southern charm we all know and love in exchange for a look that falls consistent to what we’ve seen on the famous Kardashian. So, if Kim K has been your fashion inspiration and LeCroy is your girl, keep your eyes open for her next look – it’s sure to be one for the books.

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