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Shoppers turn to own-label lines to save money

Sales of value lines have grown 47% in the last year as food prices soar, research suggests.

Source link Shoppers across the country are turning to own-label lines in order to save money on their weekly grocery bill. Own-label lines are products that are produced by supermarkets themselves and are typically offered to customers at lower prices than branded items.

Recent research by Nielsen shows that own-label lines are increasingly popular among shoppers, with more than half of consumers (52%) stating they buy own-label products in order to save money. Own-brand foods now account for over a quarter (27%) of all grocery shopping visits in the UK. Stores have been increasingly using these products to drive footfall, as well as increasing the range of own-label goods on offer to compete with branded names.

These own-brand goods also offer a range of quality products at competitive prices. Many of these items are of a comparable quality to that of their branded counterparts, while offering shoppers a much lower price.

In addition to lower prices and comparable quality, own-label brands can offer shoppers additional convenience. A growing number of own-label products are now available at shorter distances, with some retailers offering click-and-collect and home delivery options for own-brand item purchases. This is attractive to busy parents who may struggle to make regular store visits during their weekly shops.

Overall, own-label brands present an attractive option for those looking to save money on their weekly groceries. With competitive prices and additional convenience, they are becoming the preferred choice of many shoppers across the UK.

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