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Smart dairy farms are using AI scanners to monitor cows’ health

Technology being trialled on UK farms collects daily data on cows’ weight, body condition and mobility, helping to identify individuals in need of treatment


31 January 2023

Cows in a field

Technology may help to keep cows healthy

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An overhead scanning system combined with artificial intelligence is now automatically assessing cows’ health status twice a day on dozens of “smart” dairy farms across the UK.

3D cameras film the animals’ backs as they leave the milking barn, while sensors read their individual identity tags. The associated computers then use machine learning to immediately process the data, providing critical daily data about each cow’s weight, body condition, and mobility, says Wenhao Zhang at the University of the West of England (UWE) …

Source link Smart dairy farms are taking stock in artificial intelligence (AI) technology to help better manage and monitor their cows, with the help of 3D body scanners that can detect health and nutritional issues within their herd.

These scanners use a combination of light, weight, and data collection to detect indicators of animal health, such as lameness and joint pain, as well as nutritional issues like dehydration, weight gain, and nutrient deficiencies.

Not only do the scanners detect health and nutrition problems, but they can also provide alerts to farmers when problems are detected, allowing them to make better decisions about animal welfare, nutrition, and health. This can help dairy farmers keep their herd healthier and more productive, leading to increased efficiency and better earnings for the farm.

The use of AI technology on dairy farms is gaining in popularity due to the cost-effectiveness and operational simplicity of the scanners. The scanners are also able to provide detailed information about the individual cow, such as individual body scans, which helps farmers to better identify problems and take action to address them quickly.

It is clear that the use of AI technology on dairy farms offers many advantages, from improved animal health and nutrition to increased efficiency and better financial returns. The use of AI-enabled scanners on dairy farms is quickly becoming a commonplace practice, helping farmers to better manage and monitor their cows, while protecting their investment and improving profits.

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