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Social Psychology News — ScienceDaily

Education About Genetic Causes of Eating Behavior Affects Attitudes Toward People With Higher Weight

Education about gene-by-environment interaction (G X E) causes of eating behaviors can have beneficial downstream effects on attitudes toward people with higher weight. A recent study found that …

Why Technology Alone Can’t Solve the Digital Divide

For some communities, the digital divide remains even after they have access to computers and fast internet, new research shows. A study of the Bhutanese refugee community in Columbus found that even …

Adult Children More Likely to Be Estranged from Dad Than Mom, Study Shows

Adult children are over four times more likely to be estranged from their fathers than their mothers, a new long-term national study …

Inhibiting Imitation of Others Can Increase Understanding of Others, Study Finds

Training individuals to inhibit imitation of others increases empathy and allows them to recognize facial expressions in others regardless of their situations, according to new …

Strong Connection to Neighbors May Improve Health Outcomes

Strong neighborhood connections reduced the negative impact of living alone on the death rates of older Chinese Americans, according to new …

Social Group Values Are Most Readable in the Way We Write, New Research Finds

Analyzing the style of language used by social groups could offer insight into their values and principles that goes beyond what they publicly say about …

Study Explores How ‘Me-Time’ Affects Social Interaction

Although many emerging adults find social interactions enjoyable on days with increased time alone, those who seek solitude as an escape from stress or unpleasant social circumstances may not, …

Social Media Engagement Style May Be Linked With Perceived Social Connectedness

A new experimental task, involving a mock social networking site, can group people into three distinct styles of social media use: passive, reactive and interactive. Moreover, data from a large …

Conflicting Motives Govern Sense of Fairness, Study Finds

The perception that resources are unfairly distributed is at the root of many social conflicts. Researchers have investigated the motives influencing our perception of justice in resource …

Study Finds That Experiences of Daily Stress Decrease as People Age

Stories about how daily stress can negatively impact people’s lives, from physical health to mental and emotional well-being, are frequently in the media. But there is good news about the …

Online Learning in COVID-19 Detrimental to Teen Mental Health, School Satisfaction, Performance

The unprecedented shutdown of classroom learning caused undue stress, low levels of social inclusion and low satisfaction with school for many — and mental health issues for some, according to a new …

Female Monkeys ‘Actively Reduce’ Social Network as They Age

Female rhesus macaques ‘actively reduce’ their social networks and prioritize friends and family as they get older, new research …

Adverse Psychosocial Factors in Childhood Are Associated With Worse Midlife Learning and Memory

A new study shows that cumulative adverse psychosocial factors in childhood are associated with worse midlife learning and memory, and specifically child’s self-regulation and social …

Heightened Activity of Specific Brain Cells Following Traumatic Social Experience Blocks Social Reward and Promotes Sustained Social Avoidance

Past social trauma is encoded by a population of stress/threat-responsive brain cells that become hyperactivated during subsequent interaction with non-threatening social targets. As a consequence, …

Wild Primate Study Ties Importance of Social Environment to Molecular Markers of Age in the Brain

A research team has demonstrated that, in a population of macaque monkeys, females with a higher social status had younger, more resilient molecular profiles, providing a key link between the social …

Gene That Guides Earliest Social Behaviors Could Be Key to Understanding Autism

A new animal study points to a gene that is important for the earliest development of basic social behaviors. The work also suggests that exposure to certain drugs and environmental risk factors …

Cultural Differences Affect How We Support Close Friends and Family

A new study found that differences in culture affect when Japanese and American university students feel comfortable providing social support. The researchers found that Japanese university students …

Moral Behavior Pays Off

Coupling two approaches of game theory can shed light on how moral norms …

Empowering Social Media Users to Assess Content Helps Fight Misinformation

Researchers built a prototype social media platform to study the effects of giving users more agency to assess content for accuracy and control the posts they see based on accuracy assessments from …

Higher Sense of Purpose in Life May Be Linked to Lower Mortality Risk, Study Finds

A new study finds that people with higher levels of purpose may have a lower risk of death from any cause, and that this association is applicable across race/ethnicity and gender. The study results …

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Source link In modern society, social psychology is playing an increasingly prominent role in how individuals interact with one another, as well as how various groups and societies view the world. As a result, social psychology news is an important topic for many people. Thankfully, there is now a great resource for those wanting to stay up-to-date on this ever-evolving field: ScienceDaily.

ScienceDaily is a widely respected digital news outlet which covers topics related to science, technology, and medicine. Recently, they have begun to focus specifically on social psychology research, providing useful summaries of the latest findings and associated news stories.

The articles found on ScienceDaily’s social psychology section range in content and focus, but can be generally categorized into three main areas. The first category consists of summaries of the important research papers published in social psychology journals. These papers are written by leading researchers in the field and provide insight into various theories and studies. The articles are written in a clear, accessible manner and are extremely helpful for understanding the most important recent developments in social psychology.

The second area of focus is on modern social issues and how social psychology can help to explain them. For example, an article might discuss how perceptions of a particular issue differ across different racial or socio-economic groups, or how people’s political ideologies shape the way they act on that issue. This type of analysis helps to shed light on the complexities of modern society.

Finally, ScienceDaily also provides articles on innovative projects that are using social psychology to make an impact on the world. For example, they might provide an overview of a research project that seeks to understand the underlying causes of a particular social problem, and discuss potential solutions based on the latest research findings. Such articles help to bring social psychology to life and highlight its importance in today’s world.

In sum, ScienceDaily is an invaluable resource for anyone interested in staying up-to-date on the latest news in social psychology. With its clear, accessible summaries of important research and news stories, as well as its thoughtful analysis of social issues, it is an invaluable resource for both students and professionals alike.

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