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Soering | Site officiel de Netflix

De nouvelles informations partagées par diverses parties soulèvent des questions sur la condamnation de Jens Söring pour les meurtres des parents de sa copine de l’époque en 1985.

Source link Netflix has recently acquired exclusive streaming rights to the award-winning French drama, Soering. The eight-episode series tells the story of France’s legendary attorney, Jacques Soering, who successfully defends his client against an unwarranted charge of rape and homicide.

The gripping 8-episode series shines a light on Soering and the courageous legal systems of the French judicial system. The series follows Jacques Soering as he fights to clear his client of all charges, with each episode escalating in suspense. Viewers are able to follow Soering’s legal battle firsthand and will be transported to the 1976 courtrooms with him as he fights for justice.

The captivating series is full of surprise twists and turns, as viewers follow Soering’s odyssey and journey of discovery in the case. As the stakes grow higher and higher, viewers will be left on the edge of their seat in anticipation.

The series stars Pierre Dubois, Thierry Harcourt, and Benjamin Laubner in lead roles. It has received critical acclaim, with Vogue magazine citing it as “the French legal drama you won’t want to miss”. Netflix acquired exclusive streaming rights to the series, so it is available only to Netflix subscribers.

In addition to the award-winning series, Netflix has also released the official website of Soering, so that fans can gain access to exclusive content and other behind the scenes material. The website also contains information on the cast and crew, as well as interviews with the creators of the series.

Soering can be watched on Netflix now and is a must-see for fans of French drama. With its raw and intense portrayal of the judicial system, the series brings to life the story of Jacques Soering and the French justice system of 1976 in an unforgettable way.

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