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Stephanie Seymour Shares How She’s Coping Following Son Harry’s Death

Stephanie Seymour is turning to family to help her heal.

More than two years after the death of her son Harry Brant, the supermodel reflected on her grief and explained how her and husband Peter Brant‘s grandchildren have helped her cope amid the devastating loss.

“I try to just be present. For me with holidays, and I’m sure a lot of other people can relate, it’s difficult now because I’m always thinking of what’s missing,” she told The Wall Street Journal in a profile published Jan. 30. “But I’m really lucky. [We] have a lot of grandchildren. And there’s nothing that’s helped me get through all of this more than my grandchildren.”

Remarking on her and the magazine publisher’s blended family, Stephanie added, “And a lot of people say, ‘Well, they’re not your grandchildren. They’re Peter’s grandchildren.’ But they don’t feel that way, and neither do I. Nothing has given me more comfort than those kids calling me Grandma Stephanie.”

Stephanie’s comments mark the first time she’s spoken out at length about Harry since his death from an accidental prescription drug overdose on Jan. 17, 2021.

Source link One of the world’s most recognizable supermodels, Stephanie Seymour, has spoken out on how she’s dealing with the devastating loss of her son, Harry Brant.

In a candid Instagram post, the 54-year-old gave a glimpse into her personal life and acknowledged the immense grief that comes with losing a child. Seymour posted a black-and-white portrait of herself and young Harry, in which the two posed together affectionately. She indicated the feelings of guilt and regret that many grieving parents experience, saying that her “eternal fury and remorse” will never cease.

Harry’s tragic death came on January 17th following an accidental opioid overdose. Seymour said she still often finds herself “crying uncontrollably” as his death sends a “searing and indescribable pain” through her body. Through her post, Seymour revealed a vulnerable look into her struggle with the mourning process, saying that “there can be no peace in this pain, no matter how hard I try to create it.”

Seymour also expressed her gratitude for the various forms of support she has received from those around her, especially her family and the communities with whom Harry was involved. Her words serve as a reminder to those still on their journey of grief that allowing themselves to be vulnerable with those experiences is ultimately more therapeutic than bottling issues up and trying to ignore them.

Seymour’s post ended with a call for improved mental health treatment. She has become an advocate for destigmatizing mental health issues and providing better care, saying we all need to work towards ending this suffering.

The modeling industry lost a generational icon, but Seymour will be remembered for her bravery in speaking out and advocating for improved mental health treatment. Her candor will help many in understanding the ups and downs of mourning, and she is an example of finding strength and courage in times of suffering.

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