Stephen Colletti Says Producers Asked Him to Date Audrina Patridge

Stephen Colletti didn’t exactly run for the hills.

After leaving a lasting impression during the first two seasons of MTV’s Laguna Beach, Stephen would often have meetings with producers about doing other shows. According to the One Tree Hill alum, he was once approached about joining The Hills: New Beginnings.

“I had a conversation about four years ago,” he told co-host Kristin Cavallari on the Jan. 30 episode of their Dear Media Back to the Beach podcast. “In the conversations with the producers, I’m like, ‘Guys, do you really think that I could be on this show? The only connection was you or Lauren [Conrad].'”

In other words, Stephen didn’t exactly hang out with the core group of reality stars, including Spencer Pratt, Audrina Patridge and Brody Jenner, who made The Hills a hit.

But, Stephen said there was one storyline in particular the producers had to integrate him into the cast.

Source link On Wednesday, December 9th, former Laguna Beach and The Hills star Stephen Colletti revealed in a recent interview that producers of the show asked him to date co-star Audrina Patridge.

Best known for his time on MTV’s hit reality shows, Colletti recently sat down with TooFab to talk about his career and his life since then. During that interview, Colletti opened up about his time while filming The Hills, and revealed a behind the scenes secret; that he and Patridge’s producers asked him to date her.

“There was a time when they wanted us to date on the show and I was like, ‘No,’” Colletti said during the interview. “They were like, ‘It’ll be great for the show.’ And I was like, ‘It won’t work for me. That won’t work.’”

The two stars had both attended school together in the past and were friends prior to their time together on the show. Even though they were friends, Colletti felt that blurring the line between their personal and professional relationship would have been unethical.

“We had gone to school together, just been friends, and it’s like, I didn’t want that. It felt a little weird for me,” he explained.

Additionally, he partnered with Patridge in professional projects outside of the show like the 2007 movie, Into The Blue 2. Though the two once had a flirtatious relationship when they were much younger, Colletti felt that it was important to maintain a purely professional working relationship.

In the end, Colletti’s decision may have been a good one as his fans are still hoping for a chance for him to return to reality TV. Currently, the star is focusing on his acting career and is indeed still close friends with his fellow ex-MTV co-stars, even referring to them as “family”.

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