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Succession: Explosive Season 4 Trailer Reveals Release Date

The Roys are ready for battle.

HBO released the highly anticipated Succession season four trailer Jan. 26, and tensions within the Roy family are as fraught as ever as Logan (Brian Cox) prepares for an all-out mutiny from his children over the control of WaystarRoyco.

“We wanted to do something together. This is not about getting back at Dad,” Sarah Snook‘s Siobhan says in the clip. “But if it hurts him, it doesn’t bother me.”

The trailer gives a glimpse at where the battle lines have been drawn within the Roy family, with Shiv’s husband Tom (Matthew Macfadyen) formally allying with his father-in-law after betraying her, Kendall (Jeremy Strong) and Roman (Kieran Culkin) by tipping Logan off about the revolt in the season three finale.


But as fans will see when the series returns March 26, amid the growing family turmoil, at least some of the Roys are enjoying the thrill, with Kendall remarking, “I mean, it’s a tightrope walk on a straight razor, five-hundred-foot reputational drop.”

Roman, meanwhile, is not quite as impressed.

“Why is that making you smile? That shouldn’t make you smile,” he responds. “Who likes tightrope walking on a straight razor?”

However, this inter-family strife could have dire consequences for their company.

Source link HBO has released the official trailer for the fourth season of its hit drama series, Succession, confirming that the highly anticipated show will return on Sunday, March 7th. In the trailer, tensions are seen ramping up between the influential but troubled Roy family as they grapple with unprecedented power and influence.

The trailer opens with a voiceover from the show’s patriarch, Logan Roy (Brian Cox), about how the family wants to secure their power and never be the ones “scrambling to secure a place at the lunch table.” It then transitions to the Roy siblings on the rooftop of the family’s New York headquarters, vying for control of the company. As expected, the Roy siblings’ relationship continues to be strained as each is determined to achieve success in their own way.

The rest of the trailer is packed with stunning visuals backed by original music from Icelandic composer Hilmar Geir Harðarson and throughout, it is clear that the fourth installment will be as intense as ever. The Roy siblings seem to be facing some of their biggest challenges yet. There is a power struggle between family members while they try to stay one step ahead of their rivals and maintain control of the powerful dynasty they have inherited.

With its gripping visuals, edge-of-your-seat action and nuanced performances from the stellar cast, Succession is an absolute must-watch for fans of sophisticated drama. Even those who may not follow the show closely can look forward to what the show’s new season will offer. Be sure to catch Succession on March 7th when it returns to HBO for its fourth season.

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