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Supermodel Kristen McMenamy Falls During Valentino Fashion Show

The show must go on.

At least, that was supermodel Kristen McMenamy‘s mindset after she handled a fashion mishap like a total pro.

During Valentino’s spring/summer 2023 show, the industry veteran—who has fiercely sashayed down runways since the ’80s—took a tumble on the catwalk after appearing to struggle with the sky-high heels she was wearing.

In viral videos of the Jan. 25 Paris Fashion Week moment, Kristen could be seen catching her balance a few times before she eventually fell to her knees. Audience members audibly gasped, with some even reaching out to her and offering to help. But Kristen, who appeared frustrated at the situation, decided to throw off the black pumps and keep going.

She strutted her stuff barefoot for the rest of the show, as she dazzled in a completely sheer strapless gown with diamond adornments all over and bright pink opera gloves.

Source link The international fashion and art world was recently ushering in legendary supermodel Kristen McMenamy with cheers and cheers as she returned to the runway. Her return quickly turned to shock and surprise when the 55-year-old supermodel dramatically fell during the Valentino Fall 2020 fashion show in Paris.

McMenamy, who has not appeared on a runway in the past 20 years, stunned onlookers as she strutted down the catwalk. However, her stroll came to an abrupt end when she toppled on the catwalk in full view of the audience at the event. Though many gasped at the sight, McMenamy swiftly got up, smiled, and kept on walking as if nothing had happened.

Valentino’s creative director, Pierpaolo Piccioli, said in an interview that McMenamy’s dramatic trip was unexpected. He stated, “It was something that was not planned and it felt kind of fun”. He went on to praise the supermodel’s determination, which he believes set her apart from other models in the show.

Fans were also quick to congratulate McMenamy on her recovery, with some users on Twitter commenting how McMenamy’s unexpected stumble was the perfect example of how she carries herself with grace and poise. The incident has even been called the biggest moment of the fashion show.

Despite her rare fall, McMenamy managed to stay true to her iconic reputation and provide viewers with a moment that will surely be remembered for years to come.

Overall, the incident has become a testament to McMenamy’s legendary status for being an enduring and resilient presence in the fashion world and proves why she has earned a place in the modeling world’s Hall of Fame.

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