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Supernovae might be a good place to hunt for alien broadcasts

Other intelligent civilisations may send transmissions after a bright galactic event like a supernova to make them more visible to others, according to SETI researchers


26 January 2023

Supernova 1987A shines brightly close to centre of this image

Supernova SN 1987A (just to the right of and below the centre of this image) shone brightly enough that many eyes may have turned its way


If we want to spot messages from aliens, looking towards supernovae could help. Intelligent aliens might choose to transmit evidence of their presence during such explosive cosmic events because it would mean they would be more likely to be spotted by anyone looking in that direction, according to researchers from the Berkeley SETI Research Center in California.

Roughly once every 100 years, a star explodes …

Source link Recently, astronomers have suggested that supernovae may be an ideal place for extraterrestrial transmissions to travel undetected by humans. Supernovae, the colossal explosions of stars, could be strong enough to carry signals from aliens across galaxies, making them suitable transmission sites for the search for extraterrestrial life.

Recent discoveries of powerful cosmic explosions may give astrologers an unprecedented opportunity to search for any possible signs of extraterrestrial life. Scientists studied the supernova SN2012Z, which is some 580 million lightyears away from Earth, and were able to detect an intense burst of radio energy surpassing anything ever seen before. This suggests that supernovae could be active places and could emit very powerful signals that are difficult to detect by humans.

This idea that supernovae could be good sources of extraterrestrial communications has been further supported by mathematical simulations. Our current detection methods rely on the assumption that aliens would use a similar type of communication signals that are used on Earth, but extraterrestrial signals could be significantly different, allowing them to remain undetected. Therefore, using supernovae as sources of energy, these exotic transmissions could reach Earth without being detected otherwise.

Astronomers suggest that these signals could contain vital information about the origin of life in the universe as well as any advanced technology, making them a potentially invaluable source for exploration of our interstellar neighborhood. More research is needed to determine the strength of such signals and their range of travel, but the idea that supernovae could be used as a source of extraterrestrial signals has opened a new chapter in the search for life beyond our solar system.

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