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How Plants Are Inspiring New Ways to Extract Value from Wastewater

Scientists are drawing inspiration from plants to develop new techniques to separate and extract valuable minerals, metals and nutrients from resource-rich …

Systematic Framework to Compare Performance of Plastics Recycling Approaches

With only a small percentage of plastics recycled, determining the best way to recycle and reuse these materials may enable higher adoption of plastics recycling and reduce plastic waste pollution. …

Genetically Modified Rice Could Be Key to Tackling Food Shortages Caused by Climate Change

Reducing the number of stomata that rice have makes them more tolerant to salt water, according to …

Turning Abandoned Mines Into Batteries

A novel technique called Underground Gravity Energy Storage turns decommissioned mines into long-term energy storage solutions, thereby supporting the sustainable energy …

A Big Step Toward ‘Green’ Ammonia and a ‘Greener’ Fertilizer

Synthesizing ammonia, the key ingredient in fertilizer, is energy intensive and a significant contributor to greenhouse gas warming of the planet. Chemists designed and synthesized porous materials …

EV Transition Will Benefit Most US Vehicle Owners, but Lowest-Income Americans Could Get Left Behind

More than 90% of vehicle-owning households in the United States would see a reduction in the percentage of income spent on transportation energy — the gasoline or electricity that powers their cars, …

Exotic Wheat DNA Helps Breed ‘Climate-Proof’ Crops

Wheat containing exotic DNA from wild relatives benefits from up to 50 per cent higher yields in hot weather compared with elite lines lacking these …

Jet Engine Lubrication Oils Are a Major Source of Ultrafine Particles

Recent measurements have shown that Frankfurt International Airport is a major source of ultrafine particles and that these can disperse over long distances across the city. Researchers have now …

Chemical Researchers Discover Catalyst to Make Renewable Paints, Coatings, and Diapers

Researchers have invented a groundbreaking new catalyst technology that converts renewable materials like trees and corn to the key chemicals, acrylic acid, and acrylates used in paints, coatings, …

Solar-Powered System Converts Plastic and Greenhouse Gases Into Sustainable Fuels

Researchers have developed a system that can transform plastic waste and greenhouse gases into sustainable fuels and other valuable products — using just the energy from the …

Indigenous Territories and Protected Areas Are Key to Forest Conservation in the Brazilian Amazon, Study Shows

A U.S.-Brazilian study using time series satellite images from 2000 to 2021 reveals the vital role of Indigenous territories and protected areas for forest conservation in the Brazilian Amazon, as …

Meaningful but Unused Products Hinder Sustainability

New Cornell University research shows that product attachment can unintentionally encourage less sustainable …

Climate Impact Labels on Sample Fast Food Menu Had Strong Effect on Food Selection

A new study has found that including climate impact labels on a sample fast food menu influenced participants’ food choices in favor of more climate-friendly …

Cheap, Sustainable Hydrogen Through Solar Power

A new kind of solar panel has achieved 9% efficiency in converting water into hydrogen and oxygen–mimicking a crucial step in natural photosynthesis. Outdoors, it represents a major leap in the …

A Step Towards Solar Fuels out of Thin Air

Chemical engineers have invented a solar-powered artificial leaf, built on a novel electrode which is transparent and porous, capable of harvesting water from the air for conversion into hydrogen …

Rwandan Tree Carbon Stock Mapped from Above

Researchers have developed accurate nation-wide mapping of the carbon content of trees based on aerial …

Biodegradable Medical Gowns Produce Harmful Emissions

Biodegradable medical gowns, designed to be greener than conventional counterparts, actually produce harmful greenhouse gases, according to new …

Strong Metaphorical Messages Can Help Tackle Toxic E-Waste

Consumers told that not recycling their batteries ‘risked polluting the equivalent of 140 Olympic swimming pools every year’ were more likely to participate in an electronic waste recycling …

Active Learning Methods Are Best for Addressing Sustainability Issues

According to an international team of educators, active learning methods, such as problem-based learning, project-based learning, and challenge-based learning are necessary to provide engineering …

Producing Fertilizer Without Carbon Emissions

Researchers have shown how nitrogen fertilizer could be produced more sustainably. This is necessary not only to protect the climate, but also to reduce dependence on imported natural gas and to …

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Source link Today, ScienceDaily has released another exciting update on the latest developments in sustainable technology and climate change.

In recent years, science and technology have made great strides toward finding solutions to the climate crisis. As science continues to make breakthroughs, technology must continue to evolve to develop innovative solutions and keep pace with our changing environment. ScienceDaily has compiled this latest report to provide an overview of some of the most exciting recent developments in sustainability and climate change.

To begin, new research from Stanford University has shown that retrofitting existing buildings with green technology can drastically reduce energy demand and lead to 80% reductions in carbon emissions. The study found that energy-efficient heating and cooling systems, coupled with energy-saving appliances and solar power, could lead to a significant reduction in energy demand and fewer carbon emissions.

Another exciting breakthrough comes from the German Fraunhofer Institute for Building Physics. Researchers there have developed a new type of solar panel that is more efficient and cost-effective than traditional panels. The new technology uses thin-film photovoltaics to capture more energy in a small area, thus reducing the cost of solar energy production. This could be a major breakthrough in renewable energy production, as the cost of solar energy is a major obstacle to widespread adoption.

Finally, the Dutch company Damen has developed an innovative new approach to shipping. By using intelligent process management, Damen has found ways to significantly reduce CO2 emissions from existing ships. By streamlining cargo handling and optimization of routes, Damen has shown that ships can cut their CO2 emissions by up to 40%. This could be a game-changer in the effort to reduce shipping-related emissions.

This latest report from ScienceDaily makes exciting strides towards the adoption of sustainable technology. As the world works towards achieving carbon neutral goals, these recent developments will help to meet these goals sooner rather than later.

These are just some of the exciting developments that ScienceDaily is bringing to the public eye. To find out more about the latest sustainability and climate change news, be sure to stay tuned to ScienceDaily.

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