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Taylor Swift Fans Spot Joe Alwyn Easter Egg in “Lavender Haze” Video

Once upon a time, the planets and the fates and all the stars aligned. 

Taylor Swift released her long-anticipated music video for “Lavender Haze” on Jan. 26 and there’s a new Easter egg that has fans in a spiral.

In a now-viral tweet, fans pointed out the sly reference Taylor made to her boyfriend Joe Alwyn, by including the constellations for their zodiac signs, Sagittarius and Pisces. (Taylor turned 33 on Dec. 13 and Joe will celebrate his 32nd birthday on Feb. 21).

T.Swift’s nod to her longtime love is the latest tongue-in-cheek tribute from the superstar singer—and fans can’t help but share their excitement.

One Swiftie wrote, “Joe is a Pisces and Taylor is a Sagittarius… what if I told you Taylor’s a mastermind.”

Another user pointed out another theory she had about the new video, writing, “And the fish in space!! Pisces = the fish of the zodiac.”

Taylor has previously shared how the lyrics of this song mirror her desire to protect the privacy of her relationship.

Source link There are exciting times ahead for Taylor Swift fans as Easter eggs within her socially-distanced quarantine-style music video, “Lavender Haze” were spotted which pointed to her boyfriend, Joe Alwyn.

The latest Easter Egg was found in the accompanying music video of “Lavender Haze”, the seventh single from Taylor Swift’s latest album, Evermore. Swifties, as her fiercely loyal fans are affectionately known, were treated to a special surprise when they noticed Joe Alwyn’s name on the plane ticket Swift is holding in the video.

Joe Alwyn, an English actor and the lead love interest in Swift’s last album, Lover, is the partner of the multi-millionaire recording artist. Since their first public sighting in May of 2017, fans of both Swift and Alwyn have been watching their romance closely, and the Easter Egg in “Lavender Haze” is a delight for all.

The video for ‘Lavender Haze’ shows Swift in a dreamy and nostalgic world, in a quarantined, socially distanced form of time traveling. There are several clues that point towards a romance between Swift and boyfriend Alwyn. One shot momentarily shows Swift holding a plane ticket with Alwyn’s name on the corner, and the two are later seen on a small plane together.

This particular Easter Egg is not the first that Swifties have found in their idol’s music videos. In the ‘The Man’ music video, fans spotted Joe’s name in gold writing on the side of a building.

Every piece of evidence says that Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn are still going strong! The Easter Egg in “Lavender Haze” reinforces the couple’s strong bond. Fans are thrilled to spot the subtle references Taylor Swift puts in her music and eagerly await more Easter Eggs in the future.

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