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Enabling Nanoscale Thermoelectrics With a Novel Organometallic Molecular Junction

Multinuclear organometallic junctions might be the key to realizing high-performance thermoelectric devices at the nanoscale. The unique electronic structure of organometallic ruthenium alkynyl …

Cheap, Sustainable Hydrogen Through Solar Power

A new kind of solar panel has achieved 9% efficiency in converting water into hydrogen and oxygen–mimicking a crucial step in natural photosynthesis. Outdoors, it represents a major leap in the …

Space Solar Power Technology Demo Launched Into Orbit

The launch represents the first in-situ test of the technology to harvest solar energy in space and transmit it to …

Self-Powered, Printable Smart Sensors Created from Emerging Semiconductors Could Mean Cheaper, Greener Internet of Things

Creating smart sensors to embed in our everyday objects and environments for the Internet of Things (IoT) would vastly improve daily life — but requires trillions of such small devices. A professor …

Researchers Discover New Process to Create Freestanding Membranes of ‘Smart’ Materials

A team has developed a new method for making nano-membranes of ‘smart’ materials, which will allow scientists to harness their unique properties for use in devices such as sensors and …

Development of Bio-Friendly Transparent Temperature Sensor Technology That Precisely Measures Temperature Changes by Light

Engineers have announced the development of a transparent temperature sensor capable of precisely and quickly measuring temperature changes caused by light. This technology is expected to contribute …

Researchers Show a New Way to Induce Useful Defects Using Invisible Material Properties

Much of modern electronic and computing technology is based on one idea: add chemical impurities, or defects, to semiconductors to change their ability to conduct electricity. These altered materials …

At the Edge of Graphene-Based Electronics

Researchers developed a new graphene-based nanoelectronics platform compatible with conventional microelectronics manufacturing, paving the way for a successor to …

Strong Metaphorical Messages Can Help Tackle Toxic E-Waste

Consumers told that not recycling their batteries ‘risked polluting the equivalent of 140 Olympic swimming pools every year’ were more likely to participate in an electronic waste recycling …

Harnessing Smartphones to Track How People Use Green Spaces

A new study demonstrates how anonymized GPS data from people’s smartphones can be used to monitor the public’s use of parks and other green spaces in urban areas, which could help inform …

Researchers Develop All-Optical Approach to Pumping Chip-Based Nanolasers

Researchers have developed a new all-optical method for driving multiple highly dense nanolaser arrays. As described in Optica, the approach could enable chip-based optical communication links that …

Researchers Develop Wireless, Ultrathin ‘Skin VR’ to Provide a Vivid, ‘Personalized’ Touch Experience in the Virtual World

Enhancing the virtual experience with the touch sensation has become a hot topic, but today’s haptic devices remain typically bulky and tangled with wires. Researchers have now developed an …

A Shield for 2D Materials That Adds Vibrations to Reduce Vibration Problems

A new study demonstrates a new, counterintuitive way to protect atomically-thin electronics — adding vibrations, to reduce vibrations. By squeezing a liquid-metal gallium droplet, graphene devices …

New Microscale 3D Printer for Multi-Level Anticounterfeiting Labels

Researchers have developed a high-precision 3D printing method that can produce new polarization-encoded 3D anticounterfeiting labels. This new 3D label can encrypt more digital information than a …

Point-of-Care Biosensor Rapidly Detects Oral Cancer

Since oral cancer occurs in one of the most accessible sites in the body, it can be easily treated if detected promptly. Researchers report a breakthrough hand-held biosensor that enables quick and …

Novel Wearable Belt With Sensors Accurately Monitors Heart Failure 24/7

There is a critical need for non-invasive solutions to monitor heart failure progression around the clock. This novel wearable device is based on sensors embedded in a lightweight belt that monitors …

Paper-Thin Solar Cell Can Turn Any Surface Into a Power Source

MIT researchers developed a scalable fabrication technique to produce ultrathin, flexible, durable, lightweight solar cells that can be stuck to any surface. Glued to high-strength fabric, the solar …

Recycled Gold from SIM Cards Could Help Make Drugs More Sustainable

Researchers have used gold extracted from electronic waste as catalysts for reactions that could be applied to making …

Scientist Mimic Nature to Make Nano Particle Metallic Snowflakes

Scientists in New Zealand and Australia working at the level of atoms created something unexpected: tiny metallic …

Computational System Streamlines the Design of Fluidic Devices

Researchers have developed a computational optimization pipeline that can automatically design a fluidic device to meet specific objectives, without requiring a user to make assumptions about the …

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Source link Technology News continues to develop and evolve every single day, making it difficult for the average consumer to keep up with the latest advancements and breakthroughs. Fortunately, websites like Science Daily provide a platform for both professionals and laypeople to access reliable and up-to-date information on the latest technological developments.

ScienceDaily is distributed by Science Media Group, a leading source of science news. ScienceDaily covers a variety of topics related to technology, including electronics, telecommunications, information technology, computing, robotics, materials, nanotechnology, and more. All of their stories come from reliable, peer-reviewed sources, so readers can rest assured that the information is both accurate and up to date.

The website is further divided into sections for readers to easily find the content that interests them. For example, the Robotics section contains articles on artificial intelligence, autonomous vehicles, and related topics, while the Mobile and Smartphones section includes stories about the newest phone releases, app development, and other wireless technologies.

In addition to its news articles, ScienceDaily provides an in-depth look into the technology industry through interviews, opinion pieces, industry analyses, and videos. In order to stay at the cutting-edge of the tech world, Science Daily also offers technology-related events, conferences, and job postings.

Whether you’re a professional researcher or an everyday consumer just looking to stay current with the technology world, Science Daily is an invaluable resource. It offers a comprehensive glimpse into the advancements and improvements that are taking place in the tech industry today.

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