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Teen Wolf: The Movie Stars React to That Death Scene – E! Online

Warning: This article contains spoilers for Teen Wolf: The Movie

From alpha to omega.

Teen Wolf: The Movie marked the much-anticipated return of the MTV series more than five years after it went off the air. But unfortunately, not every member of the pack survived the reunion.

While many characters experienced temporary fake out death scenes in the Paramount+ movie, a few really are dead and buried—the most notable, of course, being Tyler Hoechlin‘s Derek. The death scene hit particularly hard for the actor behind the series’ main character, Scott.

“It’s super emotional. Tyler Hoechlin is somebody that I really love and as much as I am an actor and I know that there’s separateness from our characters and our human selves, it’s emotional reading that,” Tyler Posey exclusively told E! News ahead of the Jan. 26 premiere. “Plus, I’ve grown to love Derek over the years. It redeemed Derek from any bad quality, any grumpy cat quality that he had over the past 12 years.”

But the actor noted it was a story decision that made a lot of sense practically.

“I think it’s something that’s necessary for us to have in terms of storytelling,” he continued. “We as humans deal with loss of a loved one constantly, and the fans have dealt with that over the years. It’s another way that we can be relatable to the fans and to anybody watching. I think it’s beautiful the way that we did it. He turns into a true alpha right before he dies, his eyes glow red and it’s just chills.”

Source link In E! Online’s latest article, the stars of the iconic movie Teen Wolf chime in on what it was like filming that iconic death scene.

Michael J. Fox, who portrayed Scott Howard in the beloved film, shares the importance of the scene. According to Fox, the filmmakers spent a lot of time discussing the death scene saying, “It was a tough sequence to shoot. We didn’t levitate out of there. We had to get the whole thing done in one take as we were shooting on a real beach. The physicality was very demanding.”

Co-star James Hampton, who played Scott Howard’s best friend Harold Howard, discussed the emotions of being in the scene. He says, “The part of the scene where we had to act the most, the reactions to [Michael J. Fox’s] death, those were our first takes after lunch. Everyone was really taken by the moment and the magnitude of what we were doing there. We did it a few times, but that was the one that made it into the movie. It had to be real.”

When asked what the scene meant to him, Hampton recalls, “It was one of those memories that has stuck with me ever since. It was very emotional, and it showed in the scene, too. It showed the depth of our relationships and how much everyone cared for each other.”

The death scene was an impactful moment in the movie, and with the cast and crew discussing it, we can all take a moment and appreciate the film that stood the test of time.

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