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The Bachelor’s Christina Mandrell’s Connection to Taylor Swift – E! Online

Long live Christina Mandrell‘s music video cameo.

Nothing gets past the Swifties, and the season 27 premiere of The Bachelor was no different, as when contestant Christina introduced herself to Zach Shallcross, Taylor Swift fans realized they had seen her before—in the Grammy winner’s 2008 music video for her hit single “Fifteen.” 

In fact, in a Jan. 25 TikTok, a user edited together a video featuring the 26-year-old on the ABC dating show before cutting to her appearance in the music video, in which she stands under an umbrella in a school uniform, chatting with a friend before starring off into the camera.

And Christina was quick to poke fun at herself, posting a footage from the Taylor video along with a shot of herself on The Bachelor starring intensely at Zach

“Apparently I look at Zach the same way I look at Taylor Swift,” she captioned the Instagram post. “New Conspiracy theory, first I stared at Taylor, then stared at Zach, which inevitably leads to me crying on the STAIRs.” 

Source link A little known fact about Christina Mandrell, this season’s The Bachelorette contestant, is that she is an extreme Taylor Swift fan. Mandrell has made herself known to the country superstar on social media, often thanking Taylor for inspiring her and encouraging her on her journey.

Christina Mandrell, a 26-year-old contestant on this season’s The Bachelorette has been making a lot of noise in the media during the course of the show. But what’s lesser-known about Christina is her connection to Taylor Swift. Christina has been a major fan of the singer since her teenage years and has frequently made her admiration for Taylor known on social media.

In an Instagram post she posted after listening to Taylor’s song, ‘The Archer’, Christina thanked Taylor for always being there for her during her journey thus far. She also thanked Taylor for never giving up in her endeavours and for inspiring her to always reach for her dreams.

Christina has been seen in various posts and interviews showing her love for Taylor and the admiration she has for her. On seeing the news of Taylor’s engagement, Christina wrote a post on her Instagram story congratulating the singer and commending her for finding true love. In addition, Christina has even made a video mash-up of herself songwriting with clips of Taylor Swift in the background.

Christina is clearly driven and inspired by Taylor Swift’s success story and is undoubtedly one of the biggest Taylor Swift fans out there. We can’t wait to see where life takes Christina in the near future!

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