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The Biggest Bombshells Pamela Anderson Revealed in New Doc and Memoir – E! Online

After the release of their private sex tape, the couple’s marriage quickly deteriorated and turned volatile, with Anderson detailing the scary incident in 1998 that resulted in Lee being arrested nand charged with spousal and child abuse. (After pleading no contest to spousal battery, Lee was sentenced to six months in jail, ultimately serving four.) 

Anderson says the “terrible night” began when Lee was rocking on the floor, telling her, ‘I want my wife back, I want my wife back.’ At that point, I didn’t know what to do. And I just said, ‘I need some f—king help around here. You gotta grow up, it’s not about you anymore.'”

Saying she had never spoken to him that way before, Anderson explains what happened next in her memoir. 

“He grabbed the phone away from me, twisting my arm as I was holding Dylan in the other,” she writes of her then 7-weeks old son. “My nail tore off, blood dripping down my arm. The kids were so frightened. I picked up Brandon, too, but he slid frantically down my leg and held on to it tight, hyperventilating.”

Lee then grabbed Brandon,  then 18 months, and “threw me and Dylan into the wall,” Anderson recalls. “I was so scared that he was hurt—he was screaming and he was only seven weeks old. Tommy ran out the door with Brandon…I could barely breathe, trying to catch my breath through the tears. Panicked, I called 911.”

After Lee was arrested, Anderson “tried to end the marriage,” but the drummer “really fought for us to stay together,” she says in the documentary. “I had to bifurcate the divorce because he wouldn’t sign the papers. He thought we could get through it. I just took my kids and was like, ‘No.’ It wasn’t a gray area for me. I was like, ‘You can’t do that.'”

Anderson admits that once Lee was released from jail, the couple did have “secret meetings, breaking the restraining order.” Ultimately, their reconciliation “didn’t last…neither of us could forgive the other, deep down.”

Source link Pamela Anderson has been one of the most iconic actresses, models, and spokespeople of recent decades, and in her new memoir and documentary premiering on Hulu, she makes a lot of shocking revelations on her life.

For this piece, Anderson shares a number of bombshells that she has kept to herself in the past. Although they are often quite uncomfortable, they are also important parts of her journey.

For one, Anderson talks about the emotional and physical abuse she endured throughout her childhood. She opens up about how her emotional issues were further exacerbated by her parents’ divorce and the sexual abuse she experienced at the hands of her then-stepfather.

In the documentary, viewers get to see a different side of Anderson, who is often seen as a sex symbol. Instead, she explains that her previous sexy image has been an insecurity that she has had to grapple with over the years, exploring the idea of feeling misunderstood and misrepresented.

In addition, Anderson shines a light on her infamous time with Tommy Lee, her ex-husband of three years. She claims he was physically aggressive with her and the story that made it to the press wasn’t the full truth.

Finally, Anderson reveals a secret heartache of losing her beloved brother Gerry to diabetes, which was a pain she held onto for too long. She explains how difficult it was to keep that loss a secret and how her brother is a constant source of motivation and strength.

Anderson’s bombshells are a reminder that it can be difficult to open up and to accept vulnerability, but it is also a vital part of living an authentic and meaningful life. The documentary and memoir is ultimately an exploration of her past, present, and hopes for the future, and how all those things can be explored to find understanding, acceptance, and peace.

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