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The Traitors Winner Explains How That Finale Worked – E! Online

Warning: This article contains spoilers for season one of The Traitors

The winner of The Traitors on Peacock just gave a masterclass on the art of deceit.

Survivor fan-favorite Cirie Fields was one of 20 contestants—made up of CBS alumni, Bravo celebs and television first-timers—on the devious reality show. However, she had an even more pivotal role as one of the series’ titular Traitors, whose job it was to kill off their competition before the innocent Faithfuls could figure them out.

Luckily for fans of good TV, Cirie clinched her much-deserved solo win after four attempts on Survivor and a group win on Peacock’s Snake in the Grass.

“I was in shock,” she exclusively told E! News about beating out Andie Vanacore and Quentin Jiles in the final banishment. “One, I won finally, and two, the other two people there with me were so hurt and upset. So, I really couldn’t enjoy the win while watching them be devastated.”

“I got that feeling later on after all the emotions kind of dwindled and I got to speak to them and I knew that everybody was okay, then I really got to go, ‘Oh s–t,’ I just won,'” Cirie continued. “My inbox stays full… It’s almost shocking to get that much love.”

Source link Over the weekend, the hit fantasy drama series “The Traitors” aired its finale to much fanfare and speculation, with many viewers absolutely enthralled. With dramatic twists, heart-stopping action, and a whole host of new characters and plot threads, the finale did not disappoint. However, with so much going on, viewers may still have questions about the show’s notable conclusion. Thankfully, showrunner Elizabeth Wiggins was more than happy to explain how it all worked.

In an exclusive interview with E! Online, Wiggins addressed how the finale paid off some of the season’s story arcs and addressed some of the biggest fan theories. “We knew that fans had been speculating about the ending for some time,” Wiggins said. “We wanted to make sure that the finale delivered on all of these expectations, while also providing surprising twists and turns.”

When it came to the show’s biggest surprises, Wiggins explained that fans had been theorizing the identity of a certain traitor for quite some time. “We knew that fans had been discussing and debating who this character could be for months—so we made sure that the resolution of this plotline was as shocking as possible,” she said.

Ultimately, the show’s finale proved to be as crucial to its narrative as the previous episodes. With Wiggins’ explanation, it’s clear that fans should go back and watch the entire season with a new appreciation. “The finale was our way of rewarding an amazing audience,” Wiggins said. “We designed it with everyone in mind and I’m so pleased with how it all turned out.”

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