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The White Lotus’ Michael Imperioli Gives Tour of His NYC Home

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There’s no place like home for Michael Imperioli.

The White Lotus star and his wife, Victoria Chlebowski, recently traded in their Santa Barbara, California, family house in favor of a chic, two-bedroom apartment in Manhattan, where they lived more than a decade ago, according to Architectural Digest. And according to Michael, who gave the outlet a tour of the couple’s new home, the décor all comes down his interior designer and set designer wife.

“We kind of thought of it as like a cool hotel suite,” he explained. “To me, if you walk in here, this could easily be an apartment from like, the Jazz Age in New York, which is kind of cool. It takes you away from the hectic pace of modern life.”

The Sopranos alum, who shares three adult children with Victoria, added, “Empty nest is fantastic. No offense to the kids, but it’s really cool, actually. We see the kids a lot, but it’s kind of a new chapter, and a good one.”

Source link For the iconic actor, Michael Imperioli, home is not just a place where he finds sanctuary and comfort, but also where he can engage with art, design and photography. This is more than evident upon an exclusive tour of his Flatiron apartment in New York City as seen in ‘The White Lotus’.

Imperioli has decorated every corner of his home with personality, creativity, and vision. Together with his wife, Victoria, they have filled the two-floor apartment with vintage furniture, artwork and sculptures, as well as souvenirs and items they’ve collected on their travels.

The drama room houses bookshelves lined with scripts, posters and props – a great insight into the length of his career and the demand for his signature style of acting. While the living room and bedroom are curated with bespoke furniture, art, and art pieces from previous projects.

The tour of his home also reveals an impressive collection of black and white photographs. From his personal works to images from photographers he admires, these photographs provide a distinct atmosphere that permeates throughout the apartment.

To Imperioli, his home is a source of pride and joy, and a reminder of his long career in the movie industry. Through its creative and eclectic style, ‘The White Lotus’ tour of Imperioli’s NYC home allows viewers to gain an insight into the creative world of one of the most successful actors of our time.

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