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These Towel Scrunchies With 7,900+ 5-Star Reviews Dry My Hair Quickly – E! Online

If you want additional information before you shop, here are some rave reviews from happy shoppers.

Kitsch Ultra Soft Microfiber Hair Drying Scrunchies Reviews

A shopper declared, “AMAZING – GAME CHANGER! I am OBSESSED with these. I got these for myself and a set for my friend. We both have super long and thick hair. After washing, I tie my hair up with one of these and it’s dry so fast.”

Another explained, “I HATE having wet hair. I didn’t have a ton of confidence when I bought this, but for this cheap I thought I’d give it a try. I didn’t change any part of my hair washing/drying routine and I LOVE how quick my hair dries and how soft it is afterwards!”

Someone raved, “Amazing. I didn’t have a lot of hope and wore my wet hair in the scrunchie to sleep and I’m blown away??? My hair is dry! Normally isn’t dry when I go to sleep with wet hair and doesn’t LOOK like I went to sleep with wet hair. This is some magic! Looks as good as it would if I had let air dry down!!!! I love this!!!”

A shopper insisted, “Just buy it, this product is amazing. This product really lives up to the hype. It is awesome! It does not make a dent in my hair like other hair bands, and absorbs water too. It also does not give me a headache like some tighter hair bands. This was a great price point, and I love it that it comes in a two pack. I will definitely buy more of these as gifts for friends and family.”

An Amazon customer reviewed, “I’m so obsessed with these!! At first I thought it was kind of gimmicky but they really do cut down the dry time for my hair! I keep one in my night stand and one by my vanity. They are durable and stay intact after washing. Amazing gift idea!! Bought three already for family!”

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Source link If you want to save yourself time while blow drying your hair—but in style—then you must check out these awesome towel scrunchies on Amazon with thousands of 5-star reviews.

This unique product, called Aquis Turbie Twist Hair Towels, is an absolute hit among thousands of Amazon customers. With more than 7,900+ reviews, these towel scrunchies are said to dry your hair quickly and absorb excess moisture without ripping or leaving fuzz behind. Each super soft towel has strong elastic that fits all head shapes. What’s more, it comes in so many colors to choose from and offers great value for money.

Not only that, but people recommend this cute towel scrunchie for its ability to dry your hair faster than a regular towel. The material is lightweight and doesn’t weigh your hair down like cotton towels. This means it absorbs extra moisture up to 8-10 times the regular cotton towel. What’s more, it’s designed especially to keep Bournvita and Aeroplane fans away from spoiling your hairdo.

The Aquis Turbie Twist is available in two sizes – small and large and can absorb roughly two and three times the amount of water, respectively. Some users even claimed that after using the scrunchie, their hair didn’t require much blow drying. So, if you’re looking for something fun and effective to speed up your hair drying routine, this might be the perfect choice for you.

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