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TikToker Jasmine Chiswell Reveals Red Hair in Must-See Transformation

The Marilyn Monroe of TikTok has entered her Norma Jean era.

Influencer Jasmine Chiswell—who is known for emulating the late legendary actress with her vintage fashion and old-Hollywood glam—kissed her signature platinum blonde locks goodbye. On Jan. 31, the 29-year-old unveiled a bold copper-meets-auburn hair color is reminiscent of Marilyn’s tresses from before she became an immortal blonde bombshell.

Jasmin’s dramatic transformation wasn’t the only beauty change worth noting either. Instead of rocking her go-to pin-up look à la Marilyn, the TikToker gave her hairstyle a modern update by opting for loose, bouncy curls.

“I know no one believes it’s real but,” Jasmin captioned her video, which has amassed more than four million views. “It is!!!”

Her followers couldn’t contain their excitement over her makeover, with one person commenting, “The red is absolutely gorgeous on you.”

And while many of Jasmin’s fans compared her ‘do to the late Seven Year Itch actress’ early days, someone noted she looked like a famous redhead from the early aughts.

As one user put it, “You look like young Lindsay Lohan OMGGGG.”

Source link Lifestyle influencer Jasmine Chiswell is starting 2021 on a bold new note, with a surprising transformation involving her signature brunette hair. The popular TikToker has recently switched her look to a stunning hue of red that has left her fanbase buzzing with anticipation.

Popular TikToker Jasmine Chiswell, who is known for her light-hearted comedic videos, Fashion Nova looks, and lifestyle hauls, recently revealed her new hair transformation that she had been hinting at on her social media accounts. And while some speculated she had bleached her brunette strands and was going lighter, they were in for a pleasant surprise when they saw the final result.

Chiswell opted for a beautiful rich ruby-red shade that created a stunning contrast to her fair skin and green eyes. Fans were clearly wowed by her bravery to take the plunge, and they were loving her edgy new hairstyle. “Wow! It’s like you completely reinvented yourself,” one fan wrote on the influencer’s post.

The transformation had been in the works for weeks, considering the fact that Chiswell prepped her hair for the atomic color change. First, she got rid of the pre-existing pigment by bleaching her hair, followed by applying a semi-permanent dye to get the vibrant hue she wanted. The TikTok Star warned her fans that the process is intense and can be damaging to the hair, so make sure to conduct your own research on the product before using it.

With over 1.3 million followers and counting, it’s clear that they were in awe of Chiswell’s hair transformation. And the newly-transformed influencer is certainly living proof that going out of your comfort zone can bring out the best in you.

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