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Tiny radioactive capsule goes missing in Western Australia

The tiny object contains Caesium-137, which could cause serious illness.

Source link Authorities in Western Australia are searching for a missing radioactive capsule that was intended to be used as part of a medical procedure. Reports have identified the capsule as small, measuring approximately three centimetres in length and one centimetre in diameter.

The capsule is believed to have disappeared at an unspecified medical facility in the Bunbury region, located about 200 kilometres south of Perth. It is thought to have gone missing at some point over the past three days and is considered a “low risk” material by experts. The capsule contains a substance called Americium-241 which is used in certain medical treatments and is considered harmless unless ingested or inhaled.

The surrounding region is now being searched and authorities have asked residents to be vigilant of their surroundings. The capsule itself presents a particularly low radiation risk to the public and it is likely the search is being conducted as a “precautionary measure.”

Should the capsule be located, health experts are asking the public to not touch it directly, but instead, to cover, secure and then contact the appropriate authorities. Residents in the area are also encouraged to stay informed with any changes and updates as the search continues.

In a statement, the Department of Health said, “We continue to work to locate it and assure the public that the risk continues to be low… such items are securely stored when not in use but unfortunately do need to be moved occasionally for clinical use, at which time it is vital to ensure secure transport and storage.”

The search for the capsule is still underway and authorities are asking the public’s help in locating the missing radioactivity.

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