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TLC’s 1000-Lb. Sisters EXCLUSIVE: Tammy’s Fed Up With Dr. Stapleton

Source link “Fans of TLC’s 1000-Lb Sisters have been watching for weeks as Tammy Slaton and her family try to get the “super morbidly obese” star back on the path to health. But in a new exclusive, Tammy is fed up with Dr. Christopher Stapleton and his unyielding expectations of her.

In the episode that aired on Wednesday, January 6th, Tammy expressed her frustrations with Dr. Stapleton and his attempts to get her to reach her weight loss goals. She explained that she felt that the doctor was not being realistic with her and was pushing her too hard to lose weight.

Tammy also expressed concerns that the diet Dr. Stapleton was offering her was too restrictive and not practical for her lifestyle. She explained to her doctor that she felt like she was being placed on a starvation diet and that it was not the kind of weight loss journey that she wanted to embark on.

Not only was Tammy fed up with her doctor’s expectations, she also pointed out that her sister Amy was losing weight much faster than she was. She asked her doctor why she was having such a hard time when her sister was doing so well.

Dr. Stapleton responded by explaining that everyone’s body is different and that Tammy’s progress might just be taking a bit longer than her sister’s. He assured her that as long as she kept trying her best and that she committed to her health plan, she would soon see the results that she desired.

Though Tammy wasn’t too thrilled with her doctor’s response, viewers can only hope that this episode will push her to keep trying and stay on the path to healthier living. Many are rooting for her to achieve her weight loss goals and take her health back into her own hands.

For now, Tammy’s fed up with Dr. Stapleton’s expectations, but only time will tell if her frustrations will push her further to get healthier. Only time will tell.”

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