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Warning over risky electric blankets sold online

The consumer rights group Which? found products being sold online that could cause electric shocks.

Source link There are increasing concerns over a new wave of electric blankets being sold online that could cause a shock or fire hazard to unsuspecting customers.

The widespread availability of these products, sold via internet marketplaces, has been attributed to the increasing cost of energy and people’s search for cheaper alternatives. However, buyers have been warned that these electric blankets are of a lesser quality than many of those sold in stores and may not have been rigorously tested for safety.

There have been several reports of electric shocks and even fires caused by these blankets, with evidence indicating that the insulation used to protect against short-circuits can be far weaker in these cheaper models. As they’re sold directly to consumers online, buyers don’t have the same assurance that they’re purchasing a safe and reliable product.

Government and industry officials have warned that buyers should take extra precautions before purchasing electric blankets from these unknown internet sellers, as they may not be as regulated as those purchased from reputable retailers. Consumers should check for official labelling and certifications to ensure that the product meets industry standards. In addition, buyers should thoroughly check all aspects of the electric blanket that could potentially cause a safety hazard, such as any exposed wiring or loose connectors.

Until more stringent regulations are put in place to ensure the safe sale of electric blankets online, customers should exercise caution when purchasing these products and follow the necessary steps to ensure their safety.

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