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Watch African Queens: Njinga

Blending dramatization with documentary, this series traces the rise and reign of Queen Njinga of Angola amid family betrayal and political rivalries.

Source link In recent years, African women have become increasingly prominent in both their own countries and in the wider international community. One of these African queens is the revered 17th century figure Njinga. Njinga was an ambitious and powerful queen and leader of the Ndongo and Matamba Kingdoms of the Mbundu people in the current day country of Angola. Her achievements and bravery still reverberate today.

Njinga was born in what is now known as Angola in the 1580s and quickly rose through the courtly ranks to eventually become queen. Shortly after achieving this position of power, Njinga had to face the hard truths of colonialism and the ensuing slave trade.

Despite the challenges she faced, Njinga was an accomplished and competent negotiator and strategist. On one occasion she was able to outmanoeuvre the Portuguese governor of Angola and their militia, negotiating a peace treaty that allowed her people to return to their homes while also giving her control of sections of modern day Angola.

While she was a diplomat, Njinga was also an accomplished warrior in her own right. She led her army into battle against not only the Portuguese but also against her own countrymen who had allied themselves with the Portuguese. Eventually, Njinga’s skill in commanding troops, coupled with the diplomatic accomplishments of her court, pushed the Portuguese back and secured a region of what is now Angola for the Ndongo people.

Today, Njinga is still celebrated as one of Africa’s most revered female leaders. She is remembered for her bravery in the face of great adversity, her commitment to her people, and her skill and strategic acumen.

While much of Njinga’s story is recounted in various books and films, the best way to understand her legacy and accomplishments is to watch “African Queens: Njinga”. This video captures her life and legacy through interviews with knowledgeable scholars and historians as well as footage from her home and other important locations.

“African Queens: Njinga” is an important tool to help viewers better understand the legacy of the great African Queen Njinga. It provides a thorough and compelling look at her life, her courage, and her contributions to history.

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