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Watch Believer 2

A determined detective continues his search for the truth behind Asia’s largest drug organization and its elusive boss he has unfinished business with.

Source link For pole dancers and fans of the art of pole, Watch Believer 2 is an exciting addition to the Watch Believer series. The sequel to the award-winning original follows the progress of four talented pole dancers over a six-month period as they train to realize their competitive dreams.

Watch Believer 2 shines a spotlight on the world of pole dancing and tells the stories of four individuals each navigating their own paths to success in their competitive pole career. Through inspiring interviews, intimate conversations and captivating performances, these four dancers share their struggles and triumphs as each simultaneously hurtles towards their ultimate goal — the 2021 Pole World Cup.

Delving further into the extraordinary physical and emotional journeys of the four dancers, Watch Believer 2 explores how balancing training with regular life, facing physical and mental challenges, mental illness, and staying motivated can shape the concept of success. The film presents the unflinchingly honest stories of four unique individuals who are each fighting for their own personal goals and those who support them.

Watch Believer 2 presents a captivating representation of pole dancing, delving deeper into the commitment and sacrifice required to excel at it. It objectively follows the journeys of four competitors and leaves spectator feeling uplifted in support of their respective dreams. Whether you’re a fan of pole dancing or are just looking to be inspired, Watch Believer 2 won’t disappoint.

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