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In a dystopian 2071 devastated by air pollution, the survival of humanity depends on the Black Knights — and they’re far from your average delivery men.

Starring:Kim Woo-bin, Song Seung-heon, Kang You-seok

Creators:Cho Ui-seok, Shin Yeon-ju, Kim Hyun-deok

Source link In recent times, Netflix has released a fantastic new series titled Black Knight. It follows two characters as they embark on a journey beyond their wildest dreams. The story takes place in a world where technology and magic exist in a balance.

The two lead characters, Sam and Vin, are both experienced and skilled in combat, but their life choices could not be more different. While Vin prefers a life of adventure, Sam chooses to use his powers for the betterment of society, protecting the innocent while striving to protect the kingdom from disaster.

The story follows each character as they struggle to maintain the balance between technology and magic in the kingdom. With each conflict and enemy, the stakes become higher and the consequences more significant. Along their journey, the two characters encounter ancient creatures, powerful technology and mysterious people as they uncover vital clues about the kingdom’s past.

The animation in Black Knight is superb and the cinematography is stunning. Every scene is full of life and mystery, making the viewer feel as if they are a part of the story. The characters are fantastic, with each character wonderfully developed and easy to relate to. The voice acting is phenomenal, with each character voiced perfectly. The soundtrack is also excellent, enhancing the overall experience.

Overall, Black Knight is an extraordinary series and is one not to be missed. It delivers an exciting, entertaining and emotional story, visually and emotionally. Be sure to watch Black Knight on Netflix today!

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