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Watch Cunk On Earth

Philomena Cunk is here to show how far humanity has come — or not — in this witty mockumentary tracing the history of civilization.

Source link The BBC is no stranger to producing wildly popular comedy programmes, and today is no exception. After its success with the likes of Fleabag and W1A, the broadcasting channel has gifted us yet another gem. This time, it’s the irreverent and witty ‘Cunk On Earth’.

The six-part series follows Philomena Cunk as she embarks on a journey through Earth’s history, albeit with a hilarious, mockumentary-style comedy twist. The show features renowned comedian Diane Morgan as the show’s presenter and leading character, Philomena Cunk.

The show takes Cunk on a wild journey of discovery. From Ancient Egypt to the end of World War Two, Cunk imparts her unique and comically insightful observations on the people and places visited during her travels. All with a clever and sophisticated wit, the show brings out the best in the topics being discussed.

Whether it is her tendency for misunderstandings and misinterpretations, or her ability to find the humour in certain topics, ‘Cunk On Earth’ leaves its viewers in stitches, laughing hard at Cunk’s unique and laugh out loud approach.

Finally, the show has been greeted with outstanding reviews from viewers and critics alike. Commentators have praised the show’s epic proportions and its perfect balance of content, flow and humour.

Overall, ‘Cunk On Earth’ has something to offer for everyone, humorous and informative all at the same time. It is, undoubtedly, one of the best comedy shows to come out of the BBC in recent times.

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