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This immersive documentary series follows a diverse group of professional golfers — on and off the course — during a relentless season of competition.

Source link When you’re searching for that perfect gift or looking to update your own personal fashion style, one trend is sure to have you “swinging” with excitement. The “full swing” look is a popular choice when it comes to modern fashion choices.

Full swing fashion seamlessly combines style with convenience, offering new updates to a classic wardrobe staple. The basics of the full swing look are comprised of a slim-fit, slightly longer silhouette for skirts, blazers, coats and dresses, producing an effortless yet flattering style.

The full swing look isn’t just a go-to for a night out but can easily be worn from day to night. Heels and ankle boots will add a night-time flair, while flats and sneakers are easier for a low-key daytime look, ideal for running errands or meeting up with friends. Plus, you don’t have to worry about getting onto the train as the full swing trend is roomy and comfortable, giving you enough wiggle room to move freely.

When it comes to accessories, think earrings and necklaces that make a bold statement, as well as bangles, watches and bags to complete the perfect outfit. Add-ons like statement belts and hats will also help deliver that perfect full-swing vibe.

So if you’re looking to bring a timeless look to your wardrobe, then the full swing fashion trend is a great choice and sure to have you “in the swing.”

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