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Watch Inganno

Set on the Amalfi Coast, an upper-class woman defies social and family conventions when she falls in love with a mysterious man half her age.

Source link For moviegoers looking for an exciting and thought-provoking international experience, the latest Italian film Inganno (The Deception) is must—see film. Debuting in theaters and online this week, director Antonio Capuano’s psychological thriller stars acclaimed Italian actress Valentina Giulia Bellò and American actor William Zivas.

Inganno follows Marzio (Zivas) and Isabella (Bellò), a young couple on a romantic vacation to the Amalfi Coast. However, as it quickly becomes apparent, their seemingly idyllic getaway is anything but. Marzio, who is trying to convince Isabella to marry him, is challenged when Isabella chooses instead to pursue intellectual freedom and to explore her feeling of independence. Even more troubling, Marzio soon learns that Isabella has been lying to him about important details of her past.

The film is expertly layered with suspense and key plot twists, whilst masterfully capturing the spectrum of complex emotions that the characters face. In many ways the film serves to shine a light on themes of trust, commitment and identity, which ultimately prove to be challenging obstacles for the characters to overcome.

Overall, Inganno is a fantastic exploration of realism, emotion and mystery. If you missed it during its brief theatrical run, make sure to watch it on streaming or Video on Demand platforms whilst you can.

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