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Watch John Stamos’ Son Billy Adorably Share These “Wise Words”

Are John Stamos & Caitlin McHugh Ready for Baby No. 2?

John Stamos‘ son proves you’re never too young to spread wisdom.

The Full House actor shared a clip of his son Billy Stamos—who he shares with wife Caitlin McHugh—on TikTok Jan. 30, where the 4-year-old was eager to show fans something new.

“I taught my parents something that I thought you would really like,” he said in the video. “I learned it at school and I’m gonna teach it.”

He begins with putting his arms in front of him and touching his thumb with his index finger on both hands as he slowly chants, “Peace begins with me.” With every word, Billy rotates what fingers touch his thumb, until he gets to his pinky last before starting all over. After going through the motion twice out loud, he closes his eyes and says the third round in his head.

“And on that last one where I was closing my eyes,” Billy continues, “I was saying it in my mind so it would be much calmer.”

Source link On social media, actor John Stamos and his wife Caitlin McHugh have shared an adorable clip of their son, Billy, delivering some “wise words” that have captured the hearts of many.

In a recent post on Instagram, Stamos posted a video of his son, saying in a grown-up voice, “Life is good. All you need is love. Work hard, dream big, and always be kind.”

The clip instantly gained traction, with the Sweet Dreams singer calling it the “#StamosPhilosophy.”

The video shows the nine-month-old’s sweet face with a flannel shirt and a lock of hair gently falling across his forehead. The footage has been viewed more than one million times and has close to two thousand comments discussing the simple but profound wisdom of the young man.

The post also includes an image of Billy laughing joyfully, plus a few other images of his parents and their little bundle of joy. Billy’s playful demeanor and wisdom beyond his years have clearly touched the hearts of the many people who have viewed the post.

It appears that John Stamos’s son has become a bit of an internet star with his “wise words” — a prompt for everyone to take a moment to appreciate the value in life’s simple things.

It’s no wonder how John Stamos has seen to have fulfilled his dream of becoming a father — his son Billy is an adorable reminder that life is indeed full of joy and love.

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