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Watch La trasposizione seriale del romanzo Il Gattopardo

A 19th-century Sicilian aristocratic family gets caught up in the changing sociopolitical times. Based on the novel by Giuseppe Tomasi di Lampedusa.

Source link Recently, the Italian Drama series ‘Il Gattopardo’, adapted from the novel by renowned author Giuseppe Tomasi di Lampedusa, was released on the streaming platform RaiPlay. Following the success of other adaptations reflecting the social and historical turmoil from the 19th century in Italy, this television drama offers an even more intense version of the plot.

The series follows the story of Salvatore di Veniziano and his family, who live in the aftermath of a cultural revolution. As the political and social landscape of their small town, Sicily, is drastically shifting, Salvatore attempts to find a way to protect his heritage and nobility through compromise and endurance. The plot takes the viewer through the entangled web of love, politics, money and honour that leads Salvatore to accept a marriage proposal to safeguard his family’s honour and maintain social and political equilibrium in the South of Italy.

The eight-episodes series consists of unparalleled performances from a talented cast, which include Luca Zingaretti, Violante Placido, and Vera Gemma. Director Gillo Pontecorvo crafted an unrivaled visual experience for viewers, using saturated colour palette and wide shots to capture the atmosphere of the land and its fascinating landscape.

Il Gattopardo is an exquisite storytelling experience, that captures the emotion and struggles of the characters. The series translates not just the novel’s narrative but also its essence, allowing viewers to be drawn into the web and troubles that Salvatore and his family must face in order to survive. Awarded the Television Critics Prize at last month’s Lucca Film Festival, this series is sure to captivate anyone who watches it.

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