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Watch Love to Hate You

For an attorney who despises losing to men and an A-list actor who distrusts women, love means nothing — until they’re forced to date each other.

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The newest comedy series from ABC, Love to Hate You, is sure to be a hit with its hilarious take on the office life of some wonderful individuals. Set in the fictional multinational firm Kenney and White, the show follows four very different yet close-knit coworkers as they navigate their life in the fast lane.

The show stars Cat Deeley as Maggie Katz, a determined woman who takes on any challenge and never backs down from a difficult situation. Alongside her is Grant Gorman, portrayed by Sean Hayes, an eccentric yet lovable man who just wants to make others laugh. His partner in crime and fellow co-worker, Coreen Vine, is played by Megyn Kelly. Coreen, a cheerful and supportive young woman, acts as the team’s spokesperson. Rounding out the team is the wise-cracking and often irreverent boss, Trevor Reddick, played by Chris Pratt.

Each episode is filled with laugh-out-loud moments as well as moments of depth as our main characters navigate the office dynamics and their own complicated personal lives. Add in a few characters from the rival firm, MoSuper, and you’ve got a recipe for pure comedic gold.

Love to Hate You is sure to be a hit among comedy fans due to its witty writing, diverse characters, and timely issues. The show is truly an entertaining sitcom that’s sure to make viewers laugh, think, and maybe even cry.

So, don’t miss the opportunity to watch Love to Hate You. Tune in Tuesday nights on ABC to catch all the fun, or stream new episodes on the ABC app or online. You won’t be disappointed!

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