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Watch My Dad the Bounty Hunter

An intergalactic bounty hunter takes dad duty to new extremes when his two kids accidentally hitch a ride with him to outer space and crash his mission.

Source link Watch My Dad the Bounty Hunter is a new show airing on Spike TV this fall. The series follows the adventures of a father and son bounty hunting team as they capture fugitives on the run.

John “Dad” Leonard is the team leader, a veteran bounty hunter with more than 35 years of experience. He is joined by his son Jesse, who is just getting started. With their vast knowledge and hi-tech gadgets, the father-son duo track down some of the most cunning criminals.

The show focuses heavily on the human aspect of being a bounty hunter. We are given a front-row seat to the difficulties and dangers of the job, with captivating narratives that explore the lives of criminals and the psychological impacts of their pursuits.

The show has been praised for its thrilling action sequences and production value. It features state-of-the-art surveillance equipment and dynamic pursuits, allowing viewers to get immersed in the exciting world of bounty hunting.

Watch My Dad the Bounty Hunter is an exciting and engaging series that follows one family’s quest to keep their city safe. With John and Jesse’s dedication and determination, this show is sure to provide plenty of dramatic TV for viewers. Tune in on Spike TV this fall for more exciting adventures.

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