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Watch Outlast

In the extreme Alaskan wild, 16 survivalists compete for a chance to win a massive cash prize — but these lone wolves must be part of a team to win.

Source link For the daring amongst us, Outlast is a full-on horror experience that will have you cowering and jumping through your living room. When investigative journalist Miles Upshur learns about strange experiments done in the depths of Mount Massive Asylum, he bravely goes to investigate. By doing so, he unwittingly releases some of the ward’s monsters and is faced with the agonizing task of keeping his sanity while trying to stay alive.

The game is incredibly intense and expertly crafted to an incredibly high standard. You explore the asylum with the aim of getting out alive and the journey is a nerve wrecking one. The lighting effects create a sinister atmosphere and each corner you turn makes you feel ready to jump out of your skin.

The lack of weapons and having to rely on stealth is key to staying alive and as you try to stay one step ahead of the asylum’s inhabitants, even your wits are tested. At times, Outlast makes you feel helpless and the resultant response is one of panic and fear.

Outlast is an amazing game that oozes fear through every pore. It will have you hiding for fear of the unknown and jumping out of your own skin more than once. It’s an experience that horror junkies will love and a must have for fans of the genre.

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