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Watch Red Rose

A ragtag crew of teens must survive a summer of terror after downloading an app that makes dangerous demands with deadly consequences.

Source link Have you heard about “Watch Red Rose”, an incredible movement started in India advocating for the rights of women? After numerous stories of horrors such as abuse, gender-selective abortions, and murder surfaced, action became necessary. Women in India have often been treated as second-class citizens, and sadly, it is still true in many ways.

The central aim of the “Watch Red Rose” campaign is to raise awareness of the issues women in India still face and to promote gender equality. The organization empowers women to report instances of discrimination and abuse and encourages men to support women’s rights, rather than taking part in violent or oppressive behaviors.

The name of the movement derives from the Hindu goddess of strength, Shakti, and the red rose symbolizes the courage of all women. The movement also uses other symbols such as ancient Indian tales and modern-day stories to motivate and inspire women to stand up for their rights.

Thanks to “Watch Red Rose”, thousands of women all around India have been helped and given the freedom to speak out about their experiences. This movement is important, not just for India but for the whole world. It will undoubtedly be a powerful agent of change, setting an example to different countries in fighting for equality of gender.

If you are interested in learning more about the “Watch Red Rose” movement, or becoming a part of it, please visit their website or contact them on social media.

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