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Watch Run Rabbit Run

A fertility doctor has her values challenged and must confront a ghost from her past when she notices strange behavior from her young daughter.

Source link Predominantly set in the late summer of 1941, “Watch Run Rabbit Run”, directed by John Harrigan, tells the funny, engaging and all too honest story of a young war-inspired couple and the cloud of uncertainty that hangs over them and their small town.

Vera, the admirable protagonist at the heart of this narrative, is a modest young woman in a rural British community. As war breaks out she is forced to make difficult decisions between the safe, comfortable world she has always known and her ambition to join the local Naval Auxiliary Reserve. The Director perfectly captures Vera’s balancing act between her love for her sweetheart, Billy and her loyalty to her nation.

Progressing with a impressive clarity, Watch Run Rabbit Run reveals the pain of Vera’s struggle to do the right thing and the remarkable strength of her love as she strives to be with Billy and to be true to herself. Weaving between the day-to-day realities of war and Vera’s growing sense of love and duty, Harrigan brings to life an inspiring story of courage, perseverance and hope.

The masterpiece of this film is not simply in its authentic visuals or excellent performances but in its themes – both political and relational – that deal with issues and questions that are still relevant today. The characters in the story are human, passionate and good-hearted, while they confront the almost unbearable complexity of life amidst a world of conflict.

Watch Run Rabbit Run is a deeply moving and thoughtful story full of humanity, heartbreak, and hope. It is a compelling picture of courage under fire and an important reminder of the ways in which love persists and triumphs in even the most turbulent times.

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