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Watch TikToker Dylan Mulvaney’s Face Reveal After Surgery

Dylan’s big unveiling comes more than a month after going under the knife. In a Dec. 16 TikTok video, she announced that it was “surgery day” and shared footage of herself getting dropped off at a medical center for the procedure.

Since then, she kept fans updated on her recovery as her face healed underneath bandages. “Healing is going amazing,” Dylan said in a Jan. 2 clip. “I’m the happiest I’ve ever been.”

The influencer shared at the time that she still needed “two to three weeks” before returning to work, though “who knew privacy could be so good for a transition?”

Dylan, whose “Days of Girlhood” video series documenting her transition have garnered over one billion views, went on to note that “not all trans people desire affirming surgeries or hormones” but they should all be respected for their decisions.

“They are still trans,” she told fans. “Please show up for all trans people the way you’ve showed up for me.”

Watch her reveal video, filmed by Michael Arellano, above.

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