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White Lotus’ Murray Bartlett Wants an Armond Origin Story

We certainly wouldn’t turn this down.

Murray Bartlett may be earning critical acclaim for his recent appearance on The Last of Us, but the actor still isn’t quite ready to move on from The White Lotus. In fact, despite his character Armond meeting his end in the pineapple suite during season one, Bartlett is ready to check back in. And he knows just the way to do it.

“When we were shooting White Lotus, the night before we started shooting, we had this big dinner,” the Looking actor explained on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert Jan. 30, “and Mike White, the creator, writer, director, extraordinaire of White Lotus, made a speech and said, sort of jokingly, that whoever was the nicest person and the best actor gets a spinoff series.”

Bartlett continued, “He said—and I’m not going to hold him to this—but he said, ‘We could always go back in time.’ So, I think maybe like an Armond origin story? I’m just throwing that out there.”

The 51-year-old won an Emmy for Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Limited or Anthology Series or Movie for his work on the first season of the hit show. Meanwhile, his co-star and fellow winner Jennifer Coolidge did end up reprising her role of Tanya in the second season.

Source link Murray Bartlett, the star of popular Australian TV drama ‘White Lotus’, has expressed his wish for a spin-off focusing on the character ‘Armond’, whom he plays in the series.

Speaking in a recent interview, Bartlett declared his desire to explore the character’s backstory with a stand-alone story. He said: “I’m really curious about his character and his personal history, particularly what shaped him and why he is the way he is. I think it’s definitely something that would be worth exploring in a separate story”.

Bartlett has become well known for his portrayal of ‘Armond’, a hardened criminal who forms a strange relationship with the rest of the White Lotus crew throughout the show’s first season. His memorable performances have earned him a strong fanbase, prompting various fanbases to create theories and speculations surrounding his character.

The star has previously spoken on his admiration for the depth of his character and his commitment to the role: ” Deep down, I think Armond is a pure soul trying to make the best out of a tough situation. Playing him has been a real privilege – I’m constantly learning more and more about him as I go.”

It is yet unclear whether executive producers are keen on a potential backstory for Armond – however, with international viewers eagerly awaiting the return of season 2, Armond’s story is sure to remain an important part of the series.

If the show does extend to a spin-off featuring Armond, it is set to provide a fascinating insight into the depths of the character, and fans will no doubt be excited for the window into the past of their beloved anti-hero.

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