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Why Arden Cho Has “No Regrets” Turning Down Teen Wolf Movie

Arden Cho is moving onward and upward. 

The actress, who appeared on three seasons of MTV’s Teen Wolf as Kira Yukimura from 2014 to 2016, does not appear in Teen Wolf: The Movie, which was released Jan. 26 on Paramount+, leaving some fans to question her whereabouts.

After a fan on Twitter suggested that the release date was likely a difficult moment for Arden, writing in part, “It’s probably a bit of a rough time for her, and she deserves so much better,” Arden responded and insisted she was doing just fine, thank you.

“Don’t worry babies, thanks for your support,” Arden tweeted Jan. 26. “Looking forward to better in 2023! Don’t be scared to walk away or turn down an opportunity if you know it’s not fair and it won’t make you happy! You deserve better don’t let anyone tell you otherwise! Love you all, no regrets!”

In a May 2022 interview with The Cut, Arden revealed she turned down the role in the movie after finding out she was allegedly paid half of what her female co-stars were earning per episode.

At the time, E! News reached out to MTV and Paramount+ for comment and didn’t hear back.

Source link In recent months, actress Arden Cho has been making waves around the entertainment industry for her decision to turn down a coveted role in the popular Teen Wolf movie series. While many have speculated Cho was in talks to portray Allison, one of the lead female characters in the movie, no confirmation has been made either way. However, Cho’s official explanation for her decision was that it didn’t feel like the right move at the time.

In an official statement, Arden Cho revealed, “I’ve taken on some interesting roles over the years, and I’m so thankful for all of them. But at the end of the day, I just had to make sure that I was taking on challenges that made me feel fulfilled and excited.The prospect of joining the Teen Wolf cast did capture my imagination, but I wanted to make sure that whatever decision I made was best for me and that I had no regrets in the future. So I just had to go with my gut and follow my heart.”

Cho’s rejection of the opportunity to join the Teen Wolf cast may have been difficult, but she has no regrets about her decision. Cho is now focusing on a career in music, with the release of her debut single titled “Dustin” in April of 2021. She is also exploring her options for a starring role in the upcoming thriller, Unearth.

By taking the time to carefully consider each possible opportunity, Cho is taking control of her own destiny and is setting the standard for other young actors just starting out in the industry. She is an example of how it pays to choose what is right for you and makes no apologies for doing so. For these reasons, Arden Cho’s “no regrets” mentality has earned widespread respect among Hollywood and beyond.

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