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Why Below Deck’s Kate Chastain Is Excited to Be a Single Parent

Last month, Kate exclusively opened up to E! News about her pregnancy ahead of The Traitors premiere.

“I feel so great,” she exclusively shared. “I have my own little baby traitor holding me hostage for four more months.”

As for the part of welcoming a newborn she’s most nervous about? 

“Honestly, I like sleeping in and I’m also kind of lazy and selfish, so I feel like that’s gonna be an adjustment,” she joked. “But I just figure if I love this child as much as I love my dog, everything will be fine, and people are assuring me that I will.”

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Source link Many people know Kate Chastain as the beloved chief stewardess featured in many seasons of the popular Bravo show Below Deck. However, even fewer people know about her exciting plans to become a single parent. In a recent interview with People Magazine, Chastain shared her journey to becoming a single mom and why she is so excited to do it.

Chastain has always had a strong connection with children and has been passionate about parenting from a young age. She shared that she has thought about and mentioned often having kids throughout her life, but due to some uncertain circumstances she has not been able to take the leap until now.

Chastain is excited to begin the process of being a single parent and making medical arrangements for this to happen. She is currently looking forward to the experience of meeting her future child and being right by their side as they start their journey and progress through life. She relishes in the ability to be her own parent, giving her the opportunity to provide the best possible environment she can give and an emphasis on making sure the child is always taken care of.

Another thing that Chastain is especially excited about is being able to raise her own child in her own way. She wants to make sure to construct her own parenting style and be able to provide her own resources to her future child. She is confident she can give the child a strong moral compass and provide stability in their life.

This exciting journey of becoming a single parent has reaffirmed her belief that everything happens for a reason. She is thrilled for this upcoming experience and looks forward to all the joys and challenges parenthood may bring.

Overall, Kate Chastain’s journey to being a single parent is nothing but inspiring and exciting. She is blessed to have the opportunity to raise her own child in her own style, providing a strong moral compass and a loving environment for them to grow up in. At the end of the day, her journey to becoming a single parent is certainly something she can look forward to.

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